My School Day Now Compared to Before

At the beginning of the year I would go to school in my car my sister and I would walk into school everyday. The halls were crowded with lots of people. And at the top of our stairs would be a teacher who would always say hi to anyone that walked past him. Today I am at home not in a crowded place with lots of people there are no little kids running around. There are no teachers saying hi unless you are on a call. Today I am on a call for my classes everyday. at the beginning of the year I would have my own desk and sit in front of the teacher next to a classmate. But today I sit alone in my room working on a class.

Educating others on how to be safe with using images

A way to make sure that you are using a safe and good photo is to make sure that the photo is appropriate and is being used correctly for what you are doing. If you are able to get photos off of a credible source online it will probably be more safe for you to use. Making sure that you are never copyrighting anyone else is important to because if you don’t the photo you are using could not be as safe as you think it is.

Story from an image

Yellow pencil symbol icon design beautiful Vector Image  This is the story of the lonely pencil.

There was once a pencil that was from a box one day a kid took the pencil out to use it. The pencil was new and had never been used before  which is why the kid wanted to use it. As the pencil danced across the paper in the child’s hand it drew many things. It drew a sunny day at the park where there were lots of people playing. Next to that playground was a bench where to older people were sitting looking around to see what was happening as the world for them never stopped. The pencil was happy to be able to draw and to be able to have the kid use it. Ad everyday the kid draws something new with this pencil and everyday the pencil is happy that he gets to help the kid.

Favorite Movie

  1. What is your favorite movie. Space Jam
  2. Why do you like the movie so much? I like this movie so much because I love basketball,Michael Jordan is my all time favorite basketball player (even though he played for the bulls) and because the loony tunes are in the movie.
  3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel? Like I can relate to the characters depending on the scenes.
  4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film? The plot on how the loony tunes need Michael Jordan to come and play basketball with them in a big game and the bad guys took the other NBA basketball players talent and the loony tunes have to figure out a way to return the talent back and to win there freedom.

Israel Story Podcast

For Jewish Studies we had to listen to a podcast about an Israel story. My podcast was about a person named Jordan. Jordan was born into a conservative Christian family and then Jordan realized that she was Jewish inside. She moved to Israel,but then Jordan was hurt and while being in the hospital she met a nurse and they became closer and that when Jordan came home and after a while she realized that she was gay and that she might like ester the nurse from the hospital. I picked this podcast because it was called Keep Calm and Carry On, to me especially right now that is something that I feel can be forgotten because sometimes it can be really hard to just stay calm and to remember to take one day at a time.


ETC-Entrepreneur Fair Update

As my Entrepurner, I am doing a babysitting business. I am open to babysitting whenever you need a babysitter. I will be able to babysit for you until 11:00pm at the latest. I will babysit for kids the aged 3 to 9(3k – 4th grade). When coming to babysit I will be bringing a kit of toys and games to play while being at the house with your kid(s). I will be starting this kit as soon as I am able to have a chance to get the right games that kids enjoy. I am still open to babysitting for you when/if you need a babysitter. My email is or

Project Soap Box

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is kids being addicted to electronics. I am really interested in this topic because it is a big problem for how addicted kids are to them and that kids need to be alive and need to be able to pay attention to the real world. I could really use some help from teachers and my parents maybe.

Dear President Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,
    I believe that the immigrants on the ship should have the right to come over to our country. I care because I am an American Jew living in Austin, Texas. My state believes that all should be treated equally and that the immigrants on this boat stuck in the waters of Cuba should have the chance to live the way that we do with freedom and Comfort. How would you feel if you were on that boat having to go from Germany across to Cuba and then be told that they have to go back to where they came from. So, many other countries are letting passengers in so why can’t we? France, Britan, and the Netherlands all allowed passengers to come into their country. As a Jew, I have learned that you should always welcome people into your home. I think this is where you should truly listen to your country because if you make the wrong decision bad things could happen. There could be protests, Shootings and Fighting too. During Kristallnacht, it was a traject that happened to my religion, but I believe that we could help change this and make things right by allowing at least 200 passengers.  Please do this for your country. Thank you for listening to what I have to say.


Madeline Kranitz