Haggadah Project

Dear Students and Families,

I hope you take advantage of this project. Although this will look different this year since you are at home, you can use these pages to make your own Haggadah, the book that will lead you through the Passover Seder. Beginning March 24th,  I will send daily videos that will teach about 1 or 2 parts of the Haggadah, and on those days, you can add to a page.  Each page is numbered, so you will know exactly which page I am talking about. You can write, color, take pictures and glue them in, use construction paper to make pictures, or whatever other creative ways you can think of to make your Haggadah. There is really no right or wrong way to do this, because it’s for YOU. But you MUST send me pictures of them and post pictures to seesaw so we can all see your beautiful work.

Below you will find two copies of the order of the Seder. One has writing lines, and that’s for those of you who want a challenge to write on your own. The other has words on it, but still gives you room to write at the bottom.  I hope you are able to print these out and work on them at home. If you have no access to a printer, please let me know and we can try to brainstorm an alternative together.

Haggadah with Writing Lines

Haggadah with Words

Reflections from Ethan

Words cannot explain how I am feeling right now. But that is a good thing. I think think that the best way to describe my feelings right now. I feel as if freed after being held back, illuminated after being surrounded by understanding and not judging darkness, and empathic towards blind people’s feelings and experiences.

Here we go…

Lying in bed, almost packed. What did I forget? Singing the tunes for Kabbalat Shabbat. SO EXCITED!! We will post a picture of the group at the airport in the AM.

Meanwhile, here are the tunes we will be singing tomorrow night- sing along with us 🙂

Kabbalat Shabbat Tunes



Hinei Mah Tov

This is the song we are currently using to begin our Hebrew and Jewish studies time together in Early Childhood.


Image result for hinei mah tov lyrics

Hineh ma tov uma na’im
Shevet achim gam yachad.Hineh ma tov uma na’im
Shevet achim gam yachad.

Hineh ma tov
Shevet achim gam yachad.

How good and pleasant it is
For brothers & sisters to sit together.

How good and pleasant it is
For brothers & sisters to sit together.

How good it is
For brothers & sisters to sit together.

Prayers for Peace

We always end our Tefillah together with praying for Peace, peace for our community, for the Jewish people, and for the world.


What is peace? To us adults, that might seem like a simple question- but I challenge you to talk to your children about it! We can’t always assume they know what we mean when we say certain words like holiness, peace, God and soul.


Here are two favorite songs about peace

Image result for oseh shalom lyrics

Rosh Chodesh Elul!

Next Shabbat, August 31st, we welcome the new Hebrew month of Elul. This month, the last Hebrew month of the calendar, is a time for self reflection and goal setting as we prepare to enter into the high holiday season. It is a custom to recite the Psalm 27 (text below), which emphasizes the themes of redemption, renewal, atonement and return. This song, which uses text from this psalm, focuses on the request of living in the house of God for all of our days. I ask you- what does the mean? What does a life living in God’s house look like? Enjoy the music:


Image result for hebrew psalm 27