6/7- The basics of making a sentence in Hebrew

We have been learning about parts of speech in Hebrew, practicing to identify nouns, adjectives and verbs in a sentence. Adjectives are tricky in Hebrew; one has to know the gender and number of the noun they are describing in order to correctly conjugate the adjective to match with both gender and number.

The students created slideshow flip-books as a summative assessment to this unit. I chose to showcase a couple here. Ask your child to show you his or hers.

Hanna’s Flipbook:


Sadie’s Flipbook:


Gan- Hebrew Letter Daled

This week in Gan, we learned the Hebrew letter Daled, which makes a “d” sound. Here are some of the words we learned that start with daled:


דלת-Delet- Door

דג-Dag- Fish

דוב-Dov- Bear


To add to our learning, we created Israeli flags and learned all about them, including the colors Blue and white, and focusing on the two stripes and star of David in the middle. Here are two songs we sang about our Flags:


Chanukah in 2nd grade

Congrats to Sam Lippman who was the 2nd grade rep for the Gimmelest Competition!!

In addition to making DELICIOUS sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), the 2nd graders immersed in Chanukah fun by doing chanukah innovation challenges.

On Tuesday, we FAILed as a class in trying to make our ozobot robots light every light of the menorah. But we had fun, and in the end, had them trace dreidels instead.


On Thursday, we used recycled materials to create either spinning tops or menorahs. Many of us are still in the process of finishing these crafts and will continue our work on Monday. SO MUCH FUN!