Kadesh/Baby Moses/March 24th

Song:  Baby Moses in a Basket

Haggadah Project:

Today we will begin our Haggadah project. (In order to do this, please refer to the post called “Haggadah” project to print out the template.) Today, we will be using sheet number 1. Remember, your child can choose to write on their own, or use the template that already has words on it. Your child can decorate the sheet in any way he or she chooses to: coloring, cutting out paper, felt, paint, printing and gluing pictures…


Craft: Today we will be making Kiddush Cups! I will explain how to make each one below in a video. But clearly, I thought the one on with yarn is the most challenging, and although the one in the middle is simple, it’s the most creative. Watch the videos to find out 🙂



Yarn Kiddush Cup:

Tissue Paper Kiddush Cup:

Secret Material Kiddush Cup:

Read Aloud: