2nd Grade- What is a Jewish Identity?

In conjunction with building the 2nd grade curriculum, I have been defining specific essential questions to guide our learning. One of the essential we are working to guide our learning of Holidays is the following: How can celebrating Jewish holidays strengthen my Jewish identity, while also helping me engage with the world today?


In order to measure if learning about Jewish Holidays truly strengthens our students’ Jewish Identities, we need to talk about it. What is a Jewish identity? What do we do that strengthens it?

Here is a summary of our discussion this morning (all ideas and words from the kids; I was super impressed):

Our Jewish Identity is what being Jewish means to us.

Ways that we strengthen our Jewish Identity :

Going to Temple/Synagogue

Learning Hebrew

Celebrating Shabbat and other Jewish Holidays

Giving Tzedakah

Going to MJDS

Going to Israel, going to the Kotel


HW QUESTION: FAMILY DISCUSSION (please have your child answer these questions in the comment section)

What does your family already do to help strengthen your Jewish identities?

**CHALLENGE(optional): As a family, take on something new to help strengthen your Jewish identities. Share with us what it is (examples:  Lighting Shabbat Candles, learning the Parsha together, Singing a Jewish song or prayer at night…)

2nd Grade- Tree Research

The second graders spent this week wondering about trees, writing questions that they would like to research, reading through books and website about trees all in an effort to choose research topics! Here are the topics your child chose:

Hudson and Sam- Oak Trees

Maddy- Coconut Trees

Shiri and Yael- Trees that grow in Israel

Harper and Jacob- Pollination

Hazel and Alex- Willow Trees

Kenzie- Blossom Trees

We are looking forward to doing our research and creation presentation so of our research in the next couple of weeks, in honor of the upcoming holiday of Tu Bishevat. We are hoping to showcase our work at the community wide Tu BiShevat celebration on 1/27 at the Audubon Center.


The seniors (and a few Juniors) used their choice time this week to create murals of our winter vocab words from last week, Rain and Snow, Geshem and Sheleg, שלג וגשם.

It has been so much fun getting back into Colors with the little ones. We focused on the following three colors this week:

Red- Adom-אדום


Green- Yarok- ירוק

We made craft sticks covered in materials for each color, which will eventually become a craft stick rainbow when we finish learning all of the colors.

We also went to the gym today be play color tag! Ask your child about it.


Finally, we read the beautiful story by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso “Cain and Abel”. It’s a beautiful story about heavy and scary emotions, portrayed by the relationship between Brothers in the Torah- the first brother’s ever. It describes anger as a burning in the heart and feeling red, and uses throwing a stone as a metaphor for war and violence. But it concludes with the idea that when we don’t throw those stones, we are saving someone’s world. When we don’t use violence- we can save the whole world. Peace.

Also, enjoy this Gem- Juniors lighting candles at Shabbat Sing.

2nd grade Jewish Studies Homework 1/13/19

Shevat is here and Tu BiShevat, the new year for the trees, is coming!

Please do this homework by next week Monday, January 7th.

Help create excitement about our upcoming research projects about trees that grow in Israel.

We’re playing “Did ya know?”

Please use the following websites to read about trees. Find a new fact that you never knew about a tree before.  Post this idea in that comment section here. Begin your sentence with “Did ya know…”.

Example: Did you know that Methuselah, an estimated 4,765-year-old ancient Bristlecone Pine, is one of the oldest living trees in the world.




Have fun!

6/7- The basics of making a sentence in Hebrew

We have been learning about parts of speech in Hebrew, practicing to identify nouns, adjectives and verbs in a sentence. Adjectives are tricky in Hebrew; one has to know the gender and number of the noun they are describing in order to correctly conjugate the adjective to match with both gender and number.

The students created slideshow flip-books as a summative assessment to this unit. I chose to showcase a couple here. Ask your child to show you his or hers.

Hanna’s Flipbook:


Sadie’s Flipbook:


Gan- Noah’s ark, the flood and rainbows

Kindergarten has spent a lot of time learning, wondering and creating our ideas about Noah’s Ark. We read many different versions of the story, used any materials to show the flood, and also explored with Rainbow Art today. Check out our video of the week below.



Gan- Hebrew Letter Daled

This week in Gan, we learned the Hebrew letter Daled, which makes a “d” sound. Here are some of the words we learned that start with daled:


דלת-Delet- Door

דג-Dag- Fish

דוב-Dov- Bear


To add to our learning, we created Israeli flags and learned all about them, including the colors Blue and white, and focusing on the two stripes and star of David in the middle. Here are two songs we sang about our Flags: