JS Reflection

 If you had to describe to your future self who you are as a Jew at this moment (in the midst of a pandemic and national protests for black lives) what would you say?

I would say I am a Jew, who believes in equal rights, who tries to social distance, to keep people safe. I want to go to protests but at the same time, I am scared to. I don’t really go to services, because I normally am either sleeping or in math during online Minyan. My family tries to make Challah every week but last week, the bread machine fell on the ground and broke. I go to a Jewish summer camp (although this year it was canceled). Ramah has made my Jewish identity stronger because I learn so much there. 

What is your favorite Jewish memory from your entire time at MJDS and why?

One of my favorite Jewish memories from MDJS was when I was 4 at the Kabalat Torah ceremony. Although I don’t remember it very well, I remember feeling very included and Jewish. It felt like one big Jewish family. 

What makes you proud to be Jewish?

Something that makes me proud to be Jewish is our beliefs. We believe that everyone is equal and that, gender, race, religion, or anything else doesn’t matter. I know that we face a lot of ANti-Semitism but we just have to stay calm and educate them. 

Picture Prompts

When the little girl turned 5, her parents came to her with a box, with two holes poking out. “We have brought you a surprise!” She opened the box carefully, peering over. Something jumped up and licked her face. The little girl screamed. Her mother picked the dog out of the box and held him,. “Look! It’s a dog.” The little girl did not want a dog then, but slowly she grew to love him. One day she was lying on the couch with her dog when her mother ran into the room and shook her awake. “Wake up! Something has happened to your father!”

This is the start of a story I have written about the above picture which I got from Unsplash. If you would like, continue the story down below in the comments!


Educating Others

Not all photos that you find on the internet are free. It can be hard to find ones that you want that the authors have shared with the world. Here are a list of a couple sites you can use to find copyright-free photos:





Photos For Class- Only for students and teachers 


Pics4Learning-Only for educational settings

All of these sites are free and easy to use, with a handy dandy search bar.

Make an Image

I made an image using pic collage. I used a picture that I had already taken on my phone of my sister and I (I made sure to ask her permission to use the photo). Then I found a quote online, I couldn’t find the author. Pic collage already has a watermark so I didn’t have to worry about that. I chose this picture because I love my sister and the quote because I thought it was funny.

Blogs I Read


I learned from Samantha’s blog that schools in different places have different ages for each grade.


I learned from Kenzie’s blog that I am not the only person who loves dogs. She made hers into a dog originally, I made mine be able to turn into a dog.


I learned from Coco that sometimes you have to try different tools because the first one might not be the best.

My Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie.

My favorite movie is the Martian.
2. Why do you like the movie so much?

I really like the movie because it is really funny and it takes place in space which I like. 
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel?

While watching I feel very nervous for the Mark Watney because I get worried that he will die while being stuck on Mars. The movie gives off some serious vibes, but also a lot of funny vibes which I like. 
4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film?

A big literary aspect is the setting of Mars. If the movie did not take place on Mars it would be a totally different movie. If it took place on earth, he could just walk home or call an Uber. Since it’s on Mars, he can’t do anything and that creates the big problem. Another is the symbol of potatoes. Watney has to grow enough food to last until the next mission and the only food he can grow is potatoes. By the end of the movie he says he never wants to see another potato again. 

Israel Story

I listened to “Achoti”

The story was about a brother and a sister, who have some very different views but also similar ones. They are very close; they think it’s because they don’t talk about the stuff they disagree on. Their older siblings can discuss the issues with them because they don’t feel the emotional part. She talks about how she doesn’t want everyone to think the same way as her, but she still does things she feel comfortable with, such as sending her kids to a school she feels comfortable with. She says it would be difficult for her, if one of her children changed their lifestyle. The sister is a orthodox doctor with 8 children, and sometimes people are surprised that she lives that lifestyle. People also make assumptions. She does not take for granted the fact that she is so close with her brother, all though she is the only girl, only religious one, and lives far away from the rest of the siblings. The whole episode is about how the two of them grew up in the same house together, but took different paths in everything. They had a talk about it all. I chose this episode because it is called “Achoti” which means my sister, and I am a sister. It was also one of the only ones about girls. 

Who I Am As An Avatar

My avatar is a girl in a pink dress with curly brown hair in a ponytail. I also put on dog ears. I chose the dog ears because I love dogs and I thought it would be cute. I put a basketball as the background because I love basketball and making her hold the ball looked weird. I tried to make the hair look like mine, while still looking like me. My avatar can turn into a dog at will. The power only works though if she is wearing her dog ears, so she always wears them, even while sleeping. She likes turning into dogs because then she can hide from people and fit into smaller places. She can also talk to other dogs which is helpful because then she knows what they want. I made my avatar on https://avachara.com using the portrait mode. 

Project Soapbox

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is dress codes and how they are sexist towards women.

I am really interested in this topic because I think it’s unfair that in some schools girls have to miss class because their outfits are “too distracting”.

I could really use some help finding examples that are more in our community than in other places in the US.