Student Blogging Challenge Week #6

For our Student Blogging Challenge week #6 we learned about schools around the world. Some of them looked very similar to my school, while other looked completely different.

For this week I decided to do task #8: Opinions About my School

  • What’s your ideal school? 

-My ideal school would be very similar to my current school. I really like having the option to explore other subjects beyond the normal ones, and having a positive environment.

  • Share your opinion on uniforms, school starting times, homework, recess, or another controversial issue.

-My school does not have a uniform, but we do have a dress code. I agree that there needs to be some bounders with what students can wear.

-I am fine with our starting time at 8:00

-I think that they should give less homework, but I understand why we have it.

  • What do you dream of doing once you finish school?

-I dream of going to high school, then college and after hopefully get a job in the medical field.

  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do?

-I would give more free time, but structured free time. I would do this to give students time to do work or relax.

  • Do you like learning at home or at school?

-I prefer learning at school because I get to see my friends and I like having structure. But learning at home isn’t too bad.

Week #3 Student Blogging Challenge

Task #1: Educate Others

For our Student Blogging Challenge this week we learned about plagiarism and how most images you find on google are illegal to use. This is because you are using someone else’s work and calling it your own.

Task #2: Make an Image

Our next task is to make our own photo for our blog. For mine I used I used a photo that I took and made sure to give credit to the person who said the quote.

Task #3: Picture Prompts

Finally we have to write a story for a picture. Then you the reader will have to finish the story based on the picture.

This is a picture of my friend Hanna. She is one of my good friends. One cold night in the middle of October a few friends decided to have a secrete meeting in the depths of a basement. They had been up for our hours planning a secret mission to be done the next day. They were on their fifth round of coffee when Hanna started to act crazy. The coffee must have gotten to her. No one know were they were our what they were doing…..

Can you figure it out?

Blogs I read

I read Jacob’s blog from New Zealand.

I learned about three things he is excited about.

Here is a link to his blog:


I also read Chloe’s blog from Canada.

I learned about her avatar.

here is a link to her blog:

My first post – my avatar

Finally I read Sophie’s blog from Australia.

I learned that she loves to travel

Here is a link to her blog:

About Me

My Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is The Martian.

2. Why do you like the movie so much?

I like it because of how imaginary it is, and how they make it so real.

3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel?

I feel a lot of emotions. I feel happy, sad and excited.

4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film?

An example would be the setting. Which is Mars, Earth and space.

Israeli Story Podcast


My podcast is about a conversation between a brother and a sister. They are very close, but disagree on a lot of things. They don’t really have much communication about what they disagree about. “Agree to disagree.” The sister is orthodox and shares how she handles the challenges that come with it. She talks about her children and how she has raised them. She also talks about who she is and the judgment she gets for the way she dresses and the decisions shes made. The sister is very accepting of any type of Jew, and is able to still have a good connection with her family.

I chose this podcast because achoti means my sisters and I really wanted to learn about there relationship and there lifestyles.

Here is the link to the podcast

Who I am as an Avatar

This is a Picture of my avatar. I made my avatar based off of what I look like and what I like to wear.  I am wearing light blue jeans, which I wear most days and I sweatshirt because I am always cold. I am wearing white sneakers because those are my everyday shoes. If my avatar had a super power it would have the power to fly. I would chose this because I hate driving places and I would want to fly places instead of driving. I made my avatar at,

Project Soapbox

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in, is women’s opportunities in sports and the pay difference between men and women.
I am really interested in this topic because I play sports and I am really interested in why there is a difference.

I could really use some help with getting more information about this topic.

Dear President Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,

Five days ago, on May 14, 1939. 937 people boarded the St. Louis. Of those people were my cousin and her father. They had spent many months trying to get the special visa they needed to come on the journey. They had left there old life behind to start over.

They arrived in Cuba two days ago. They had been promised the right to enter Cuba. But when they got there they weren’t allowed off the boat. They stayed on the boat for many hours. In hope of being able to get off.

I am writing this letter because I think it is unfair that the US won’t accept these people. They gave up so much and spent so much time and effort to get here and now they are here and they aren’t allowed in.

Many people over the last few days have demanded that the government let them in. But you are not listening. I think it is disgusting that you are not letting these people in because they are Jewish.

Jews have a lot of power in this country and we are going to speak up. We want our voices to be heard. I WANT these Jews to be let in. I want my voice to be heard.


Sarah Cohen




Capstone Interview Reflection

1. Who did you interview?

I interviewed my mom for my capstone interviewed.

2. What is one new thing you learned from this process?

I learned more about interviewing people and the skills needed to get the most information, while also summarizing to be able to get to all the questions.

3. Is there anything that surprised you about your interview?

Nothing really surprised me. My family has always talked about their opinions on certain matters and have always talked to me about the choices they make for me. So all the answers my mom gave were things she has already told me.

4. Did your interview(s) change you in any way? How so? 

This interview didn’t change my mind in the terms of the answers of the questions but it did help me understand that sometimes it’s not easy to find the information I need. I think something for me to be able to get more information is  to find a different family member that I’m not so close to and have a conversation with them and get another perspective.