6th One-Pager Reflection

My summer reading book was The Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook by, Media Lab Books. One of the choices I made was making a big wand section the reason I decided to do that was because when I was reading the book the wand section was my favorite part, I liked deciding what wand woods and cores fit other people. Another choice I made was putting the most famous wand quote ever “The Wand Chooses The Wizard” -Garrik Olivander. I believe that people who like fantasy and harry potter who would also like to know more about harry potter would like this book. One last thing about wands I snuck the anatomy of a wand onto my One-Pager, the wand wood surrounds the wand core and the wand core surrounds the heart of the wand that chooses its master. Other choices I made included spells since spells make up 80% of the book. The 3 pictures I had chosen were Snap- I mean the Half-Blood Princes spellbook, Garrik Ollivander’s wand shop “makers of fine wands since 323 BC”, and the final ever duel in Harry Potter.


Predicting the Size of the Result


  1. Here is the word problem my partner and I solved: An apple orchard covers 12 acres. There is a watering spout for every ¼ acre. Are there more or fewer than 12 watering spouts? How do you know? How many watering spouts are there in the orchard?
  2. Here is a picture of my visual that represents the problem: {}
  3. Here is my equation(s) with a variable to represent the unknown amount: a?
  4. When predicting my answer, I know my answer will be smaller or larger because… I didn’t predict 
  5. Here is a picture of the work I did to solve the problem: {}
  6. My answer and label is… 48 water sprouts

Reflecting on The Gathering


I thought it was fun because it felt good helping people in need. I think it is important that The Gathering is there because all these people need food and without it, they would not have food. I thought the people there seemed appreciative of the food they were getting. I would go back and volunteer again because it is really important.

Newspaper Shoe Challenge


Today’s Challenge: Using only newspaper, 24 inches of tape, and one scissors, you and your partner need to create one shoe that fits either you or your partner’s foot. The shoe must be able to come on and off without falling apart.


Teamwork Rubric Focus (Communication):


My goal for communication today within my team is… Listening to their ideas and having them listen to my ideas 


My Individual Plan 

Take off my shoe, and surround it in newspaper. Then I will tape it together, take out the shoe, and put the newspaper shoe on.

Why I think my plan will be successful: Because it will fit my foot and it will be wider so it won’t break. Since it will be bigger, it will be easy to slide on and off of my foot. 

Our Group’s Plan 

we take my shoe off and rap paper on my foot with a Nike logo on it

After the Build

Our design worked well because…

it fit

This activity was challenging because…

we had to go thru 3 drafts before we got this

This activity was comfortable because….

it fit… eventually

I met my teamwork communication goal by…

by listening to others

A strength of my partnership was….

we were all 5th graders

An area of growth for my partnership is…

I think we did very good

For our next challenge, my new teamwork communication goal for myself is….

I don’t know yet

Native American Experience

Some Native Americans do not like the term Native American. Explain why they reject this name.

Many of them reject this name because they do not want to be called Americans.
One person in the BBC Video said that living in poverty does not mean they are poor. What do you think he meant by that
 I think he meant by that because he may be poor in money, but he is not poor in spirit.
Some Native Americans approve of the team name Redskins. What is their reason for approving this name while others do not?
 Some people might say it is okay because the team has always been called that and there is no reason to change the name now.
In the CNN segment, there was a story told about a woman who used to approve of the name Redskins, and now does not. What changed? Why does she no longer approve of the name?
Because in the reservation, the name was not really offensive to her because she and her friends were Native Americans.  When she left the reservation, she was offended because non-Native Americans were using that term.
How can non-Native people help others learn about Native Americans current issues? What can we do to help?
We can stop using the offensive names like red skins.  We can give land back to the people that used to own it.

reflecting on ETC

How have you changed as a group member this year in ETC?

I have been better by being a better team member.

How has working in ETC made you a better student in other classes?

I have been better by being a better team member.

Thinking about my blog posts, I have improved by….

I haven’t really improved.

In the future, I plan to improve my blog posts by….

being more specifec.

cup holder challenge

Today’s Challenge: Using only provided materials ( 6 straws, 1 piece of paper, a piece of tinfoil, 12 inches of masking tape, 2 paperclips, 2 pieces of string, 1 envelope, and 2 pipe cleaners)  create a structure that holds two cups as high as possible and as far apart as possible.


Teamwork Rubric Focus:


My goal for participation today while working in my group is…

to create the stucture without getting angry

My Individual Plan 

I was always horrible at strategy.



My Groups Plan

we tape the 3 straws together and put the cups on it

We chose this plan because…

it is smart

Possible challenges that may come up during construction…

it could fall over

Each group member will be responsible for…

1 person will tape the straws and stuff to the ground another person will be in charge of taping the straws together someone will be in charge of cutting tape.

After the Build


Our design didn’t work well because…

because we are not  geniuses

This activity was challenging because…

it fell over multiple times and we cheated by putting the box there

This activity was comfortable because….

it wasn’t

I met my participation goal by…

I didn’t get angry

A strength of my team was….

we started with a good plan

An area of growth for my team is…

thinking deeper in our plan

For our next challenge, my new participation goal for myself is….

I don’t know yet.

My Science Experiment


Throughout our science unit we have been focusing on organic and inorganic material. As an experiment, we decided to compare the growth of a bean seed in organic material vs inorganic material. We developed hypotheses and predicted what type of material our bean seeds would grow best in. Over the past three weeks we have observed our bean seeds once or twice a week to see how they are changing and growing. Below are my observations I noticed today.

My observations about my bean plant that is growing in organic material are…..
it grew, it had green leaves.
My observations about my bean plant that is growing in inorganic material are…..
it grew taller than the other one, it had green leaves.
Conclusion: I think the plants grew better in inorganic material because of these reasons:

  • volcanic radioactive perlite stuff (perlite comes from volcanos. volcanos have radioactive stuff).
  • perlite has nutrients that makes it grow easier.

Solving Word Problems with Fractions

Today in math we continued to work on solving word problems with fractions. When solving word problems we need to draw a visual to represent the problem, write an equation(s) with a variable to represent the unknown amount, show our work, and write the answer with a label. Shown below is what this looks like based on the following word problem:

“Rex is making bread. He combines 1 3/4 cups of white flour and 2 1/3 cups of wheat flour. He adds rye flour to make a total of 5 cups. How much rye flour does he add?”


1) Here is a picture of the work I did to solve the problem:

2) My answer and label is…

11/12 of rye flour

3) Why does drawing a visual help when solving a word problem?

It allows them to think while also looking at what is in front of them.

4) How are you feeling about solving word problems with fractions? Is there anything that you still need help with or need to work on further?

No, Ihighly dislike math i have always felt this twords math.

5) We have our Unit 1 test this Friday. Is there anything that you do not understand or want more help with?

No, I feel good about everything.



revisiting my puzzle piece

In August, I thought the following about myself as a learner:

I thought I was a visual learner.


Today, I would add the following to my puzzle piece….because…

I would add that I need my own space to learn in, because I need to work in quiet.


Today, I would tweak or modify my puzzle piece by….because…

I would not tweak anything, because I think it is all still true.


I think I’ve already grown this year as a learner by….

I do not think I have grown this year as a learner.


Thinking about working in teams in ETC, my classmates can best support my learning needs by….

Working independently, and giving me my own space to work and learn.