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May 11, 2020
by msteele24

My Point Of View Story

I am so exited to be blogging again. I have just written a story and I want to share it with you.

Here it is!!!


“Ring ring ring ring ring,” the clock said. 

“Good morning,” I said to my dog, whose name is Nibbles.

”It is time for our favorite show: “Guess That Animal.” 

One of the contestants identified a dog as a Chinchilla. 

It seemed so ridiculous, I laughed.

After the show ended, Nibbles and I went outside to play fetch. Nibbles did an outstanding job with the ball. To him, the ball is a treat. 

In a way, playing ball and watching ball games is also a treat for me!

In fact, it was time for us to leave for a very special game.

The ticket was a gift from my grandmother and was special, too. It had a dog face on it, and said it was “Dog Day” at the ballpark. 

Nibbles was so excited to go to the game that he leapt up in the air as high as a kangaroo can jump. 

At the game, a band performed the national anthem. 

Then a kid yelled, “play ball.”

What a lucky kid, I thought. Getting to yell play ball in game one of the World Series. 

Yes, this was a special game, indeed.

Through a window next to the field l saw a gleam, something very shiny was sitting there.

It was the priceless trophy with hundreds of the diamonds on it. 

Legend has it that the diamonds were from King Arthur’s crown. 

If only I were part of the winning team. I have always wanted to touch a trophy with diamonds on it. 

The game began.  Diago was up first. The wind up, then the pitch…”ball one,” called the umpire. Second pitch…another ball. Third pitch…strike. Boooo! The crowd said. Fourth pitch…CRACK!!! 

Into the left-field corner it went. The ball blasted past the shocked left fielder. He didn’t think Diago could hit the ball. The struggling outfielder finally got the ball, threw it to the pitcher, and Diago stopped at second carrying a double with him, as the crowd cheered. 


Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone ran onto the field, 

The swift figure was dressed in black and wore a mask. 

The shocking character smashed the glass and grabbed the trophy. 

I couldn’t hold back and jumped onto the field pouncing on what seemed to be a man. I was determined to keep the trophy safe. 

I grabbed him. 

He kicked me down, but I managed to grab one of the diamonds off of the trophy. 


A man in a uniform came over to me and thanked me for trying to get the fiendish crook. The teams followed with their appreciation. They were thankful that I still had one of the diamonds.  It could be a clue.


When I left the stadium, an interviewer came over to me and asked me, “What is your name sir?”  

‘My name is Tim.”

“Tim, why did you jump onto that guy?”

I said that I did not want him to steal the trophy, and I am really angry that he got away with it.

The reporter said, “So, if it makes you so mad will you still try to catch that guy or leave it to the police?” 

“ I will catch him,” I replied. 


After the trophy was stolen, I did not sleep and kept searching for it. 

I vowed I would never give up, so I kept trying. As I was studying the diamond at my house I heard a knock on my door and the coach of one of the baseball teams coach  was there. I shook his hand and he asked me if I could hustle and try to find it by Tuesday. (At that time it was Saturday). “I bet I will have this case closed by Monday. I just need a hydro-lefo-lectronic-moont-stumboque-wuu-mhas.” I said. “Sure.” he replied (They are just really high tech goggles that track anything you want it to track). In the morning I put them on, and I followed where it told me to go. It took me to an alley. My guess is this is where the theph was hiding. Then, out of nowhere, a person in an all-black uniform came from the shadows and knocked me out. I recognize that uniform. It was from the kiddy costume shop. It was on sale for 50% off. (They sell other things besides kid costumes. That is just how they started.) When I woke up I was falling into the water. I was tied up all over my body with a brick attached to a chain that hooked on to me. I will now tell you my deepest best secret… When I was younger, I got a shock and now I have super powers. Super strength is one of them. “Well, here goes nothing.” I ripped the chain in half and threw the brick across the ocean . I gasped as I was floating on the water. I was so lucky to survive. As I was floating on the water I saw a black cloth from the person who knocked me out. “I think I have got this mystery just about wrapped up,” I thought as I swam to shore. The cloth has city dirt in it and the alleyway I saw is where I got knocked out so the trophy is near Fazzle Drive. I lifted myself up out of the water as I flew to my destination. (That was one of my powers). On the way, I closed my eyes to alert Nibbles on where I was going. When I got there Nibbles was already there. I had a little chat with nibbles. You know, because of my superpowers and stuff. I told him to sniff out the other diamonds because he was there when I got the shock. This means that he has powers with his nose. I held the diamond that I had up to him and he ran 3 houses down to a building. The building was painted in black. I went inside. It was a trap, I thought. 

If I stepped forward I would have pulled the string that I saw. But I know what to do in a trap. Step to the side. But I will not step to the side because that is what whom I am tracking wants me to do. So I would jump. But wait. What if he wanted me to jump? So I will now go out of my order and not move. But again, what if he wanted me to go out of order?

So now I will go invisible. I walked to the man who was waiting for me. I threw a punch at him and he threw a punch at me. In my head, I told my dog (Nibbles) to go to the police station and talk in English to the chief. As I was fighting, I saw him Floating in the air. Into the police station he went. 

(It was a block away).  There, the police chief was sitting on a blue chair. Nibbles talked, saying “I am the dog of the person who is trying to find the trophy for the world series. Come follow me and catch the person who stole the trophy.” That is exactly what he did. He got up and on his walky-talky, he said all units follow that dog to the person who stole the trophy’s house. There I was still fighting with him when all of the police forces came and aimed pistols at him. He had to give them the trophy “or else” is all I said to him. He gave us the trophy back and went to prison for a long time.( He later revealed his name. Jake 

 Later game seven was being held.  The black horns won and I was thanked by all of the team.




                           THE END




April 6, 2020
by msteele24

The Return…

Yaaaaaaawn. “Good morning dear!  Time to get up,” says my mom.

“I’m already In my clothes, Mommy! I’m so excited to see my friends. Now please get out of my way! I’m so excited for school! Whooo. Let’s hustle.” 

“Max you are brushing your teeth just as fast as a cheetah can run!” said my dad. In the car, I told my dad to step on it. I must have yelled as loud as a loud horn being blown, because my dad actually stepped on it!


Later at school….

“Thanks daddy for the drive to school! Bye.” 

“Hi,” I said to my friends when I came to my classroom. I was so excited to see them. I set my backpack in my locker and quicker than the human eye, I ran to play math games with my friends. My teacher, Gev Denny, had planned a super mega  awesome day ahead of us. 


During  lunch and after….

“Max, you look like a Pig when you eat your lunch,” said one of my friends. 

“I’m just really excited for more fun later today,” I responded.

 “So am I,” said another one of my friends. 

After lunch, I went to the gym where we played kickball. I whacked the kickball over the other teams’ heads and into the basket as it made a kerplunking sound when it went through the small circle and fell on the floor. 

“Swish,” I yelled as my team gave me high fives. The loud kerplunking sounded like a big giant was jumping on a trampoline. Not long after recess had started, I was outside playing football. I made an outstanding catch that helped our team win the game. 

Back inside, the school bell rang, and the day was over. I hopped in the car and my mom drove me to taekwondo. There I broke a board and the sound echoed throughout the room. 

When I got home, I told my parents about the first day since break. Then, all tired, I went up to my room and quickly fell asleep.


February 27, 2020
by msteele24

Global experience

We just finished Global Experience. My favorite part was when we presented. There was a lot of work we had to do to lead up to that like building the Taj Mahal. I think the most challenging part was when we had to construct it. I think that learning about the Taj Mahal is good for me so I can learn about a structure 

February 26, 2020
by msteele24
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I am writing an editorial. Here it is:

College athletes should be paid

           By Max Steele

Did you know that the NCAA makes $1 billion a year and none of the money goes to the players! The NCAA  gets most of the money you pay when you go to a college sports game. Even the seats you buy and also the food! Isn’t that unfair for the players! We need to change that! If college athletes are in a video game shouldn’t they get paid by the company that makes the game? Sadly the answer is no. Not just that but it will motivate players to work harder and you know what that means! Teams will be way better which is good for the NCAA because that means more people will go to games  because when players are better people will enjoy it more! That means the ncaa will make even more money.Just like I said it will motivate players but the big questions am I motivating you?Ok! I will tell you 1 more thing.There is one slight problem with the NCAA paying the players that could affect everything we just talked about! If they do, the coaches will be paid less! They will not like it as much to be paid less!





February 25, 2020
by msteele24
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Global experiance

We are doing a program where each class room transforms into a country or something in our world. And each kid study’s something about that. Each class then visits each other. I just went to srk and jrk. It was an exiting visit. I learned a lot of new things. I learned about families and family trees. I learned about refugees. it was really cool.

February 20, 2020
by msteele24

Jacob and Esau

    I am studying Esau and Jacob in the Torah. How Esau sold his birth right to Jacob. The question that I am asking is: What is Jacobs personality? I think he is nice and sometimes caring.

February 14, 2020
by msteele24

A Wrinkle In Time

I saw a Wrinkle in Time the play.It was amazing!I loved the play.I loved the thunder.The special effects were amazing.There were some differences like how the “It” looked.(The “It” is a monster.)They did not have the beach part though. I think the play was so good you should see A Wrinkle in Time.

February 10, 2020
by msteele24
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Tu bishVat

  We are celebrating Tu bishVat. I will tell you 3 things about it!

1.It is the birthday of the trees

2.We eat dried fruits

3.We plant a tree on the day



February 6, 2020
by msteele24


I saw the movie Hercules at school and we had to fill out a sheet about the movie. Now I am going to make swbust. A swbust means somebody, wanted, but,so,then. I will give some character traits for Hercules: Kind Evidence. Was kind to save people from Hades

Somebody: Hercules


wanted: to become a god


but: Hades tryed to kill him


so: He defeded Hades


then: Became a god


February 3, 2020
by msteele24
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                                             Caste system

                                      Topic: The caste system


  In my opinion I do not like the Caste System.

Here is my first reason:These people are being treated poorly for no reason! They are the exact same people.

Here is my second reason: Some people in India don’t get the same basic needs for no reason. They have to have a broom behind them to clean the path after they step. The untouchables house is barely a shack. Because of these reasons I wish the Caste System would go away.

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