SWBST cpt: 6-7

chapter 6.  King A wanted to reward Mordechai with great honor but, Haman disagreed with that decision but, he did not have a choice, so he did what the king demanded and gave Morichai a parade throughout the city. then once that was over, Mordechai returned to the king’s palace when Haman went home moaning for what he did to something he wanted to get rid of.

chapter 7.  Esther held a big feast in the palace inviting Haman and the king. the king said to Esther that she could give any request and it would be granted. Esther said to the king that Haman was planning to kill all of the jews including herself and she wanted to kill Haman. by then, the king was filled with rage. so Haman was impaled on a stake 50 cubits high. then the king’s anger and rage adapted.

rube Goldberg reflection

What about this project went well for you? what whet well for me was that I was able to work together with my group because in the beginning, we did not work well but in the end, we finished fine. 


What about this project went well for your group? the building, failing and then building again and succeeding.


What would you change if you did the project again? maby doing the Rube Goldberg flat and not standing up.

food web activity

  • What was your biggest takeaway from this food chain activity?
  • How did this activity help you understand direct/indirect interactions and/or predator/prey relationships?
  • What are some things you are wondering after completing this activity?
  • What happened after the yellow perch were eliminated from the food web?

My biggest take away from this was that it was nothing that we have done before in the previous years.

It helped me understand how the wood web goes when there is a fish virus or something bad.

I was wondering if I would do this activity again in science.

When the yellow perch were eliminated it made a lot of other prey and predators strings have a lot of slack and that meant that their web got impacted.


ETC growth

I think that I have grown a little since last year because I am not doing all of the work I am only doing some work and letting other people. during the umbrella challenge, I let my group decide what plan we where going to use