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ELA Skills – 5th Grade

Hi Families,

As a reminder, I am posting the “I can” statements we’ve been working on in class. I will continue to align our work to these content skills.  If the focus of our content changes, I will let you know.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reach out if you have any questions.

Gev. Kimmel



I can identify different types of nonfiction text

I can recognize and use text features to determine importance and deepen understanding of nonfiction text

I can identify main ideas and key supporting details in nonfiction text

I can identify key signal words and elements of nonfiction text structures (Description, Compare & Contrast, Chronological, Problem & Solution, Cause & Effect)

I can identify facts within literary nonfiction

I can make inferences to identify big ideas in nonfiction texts

I can synthesize ideas across multiple texts on the same subject 



I can write an informative piece which examines a topic and convey ideas

I can introduce a topic & provide a general focus & and group related information 

I can include formatting and illustrations when helpful 

I can use facts, definitions, details and quotations to develop the topic

I can inform and explain using domain specific vocabulary and precise language

I can provide a concluding statement or section 



I can determine the  relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.

I can explain the meaning of simple similes and metaphors in context 

Word Work – 5th Grade ELA

Today we reviewed antonyms and synonyms and learned two new words: homograph & homophone.

We talked about the bases of each word (graph & phone) and the prefix of both (homo) to figure out what each word meant. It was really awesome to apply our SWI skills to the vocabulary words!

The kids were excited to think of as many homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently) and homographs (words that are spelled the same but have different meaning) they could. Many even asked if they could brainstorm more over the weekend! I’m excited to hear/see what they come up with!

On Monday we will play a fun game to review these ideas!

Shabbat Shalom

Description Text Structure — 5th ELA

We had another amazing ELA class today. Two weeks ago we learned about five different types of nonfiction text structures that authors often use.  Last week we dug deeper into the Problem & Solution structure (you may have seen a blog post from your child) and today we looked at the description structure. 

We first examined an example looking for topic and closing sentences and descriptive details. We used a color coded graphic organizer to annotate the paragraph and keep track of the information. 

Then students tried this on their own. They chose a subject to write about, filled in the graphic organizer and wrote. The kids were excited to write about a choice topic and learned how easy descriptive writing is with the help of an organizer. 

I am looking forward to the students sharing their writing tomorrow! 


Hi Everyone,

Please ignore my earlier communication about Junior Docent. Unfortunately, Gev. Porat has been fighting a variety of viruses the past two weeks and is currently at home with pneumonia. We hope she feels better soon!

Because of her absence, we have decided to postpone the program. The students were relieved by this news as they would like to spend some more time on their pieces with her before presenting for you! 

As soon we have a new date settled with the MAM we will let you know.

Thank you for understanding. 

Gev. Kimmel 

Maker Fair Underway — 5/6 ETC

I feel like I’ve said this already this school year, but I can’t remember a time I’ve been so excited about the learning taking place at MJDS. Today’s ETC class added to the enthusiasm both the students and teachers are feeling in anticipation of Maker Fair! 

(If you missed my last post about Maker Fair you can read more about it here!)

Gev. McAdams, Gev. Noorlander and I created three different example kits for the students to try. Last week we had the students sign up for one of our kits and today they tested them out. Whether it was hammering away as they created string art, watching Gev. McAdam’s video tutorial or decorating their new planters, all students were having a blast. 

We intentionally planned three very different kits with a variety of materials and set of directions. I used Google Slides to create a pamphlet, Gev. McAdam’s had a QR code to scan that sent kids to her video tutorial and Gev. Noorlander had a list of directions to follow. We wanted to show the kids that their options are endless when it comes to choosing a project and designing their kits. 

Lastly, we asked the students for feedback as this will be a critical part of their process as well. Our questions were directly connected to the project requirements and parameters. We are looking forward to reading through their thoughts and seeing what project ideas they can come up with on Friday! 

Stay tuned for more excitement! 

PS. Yes — I was wearing noise cancelling headphones! Have you ever been in a space where 8 people are hammering at once? OY!