Sefaria Esther, chapters 8, 9, 10

Esther and Mordecai wanted king A to write to bring back the books that Haman send to all of the 127 states of king A, the bad things about the jews. King A told Mordecai to write and send to all 127 states the wrong things Haman said, but there was another problem, what about Haman. King A said that Haman, his wife, and his kids will be impaled on the stake, so Haman will get back the bad things he did to the jews. Then Jews enjoyed light and gladness, happiness and honor.

Rube Goldberg Reflection Blog

What about this project went well for you?

something that worked well for me was that I set up the dominoes.

What about this project went well for your group? 

we knew from the beginning what we wanted to do, we needed to check what works better, but we knew how we wanted it to looks like.

What would you change if you did the project again?

I would add more things, I think it was too fast, and guests didn’t really understand what just happen and they may think it’s really easy to do what we did.

Summing Up The Zionist congress

In this Jewish Studies unit, I learned a lot of history about Israel.                                                                                                Part of the history were, how much people were in Israel, how much Jewish were in Israel. Also where they lived and if in the place they lived, there are people today… and the last thing, where the Jewish people lived in the 1880s, what were their problems…

I really like to learn new things, especially, things about the places I know…

Food Web Reflection Blog Post

Today 19/11 we did food web.

Before the food web, I did not understand what is this and how is work. Today after the food web I did understand.

the food web helped me a lot to understand and even to enjoy!

we noticed together something, we noticed that after the population of the yellow perch died there are a lot of fishes that don’t have something to eat than they died too. One fish affect on the other.


before the chicken!

How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project?

I think the work so far will helped me because  I know what we need to do, which materials we need and the order of things to do the chicken…

What has been most helpful to you in this process?

I think the most useful thing in this process that we have learned and will learn, is when we get this kind of work we will know how to approach it.

How can Gev. Noorlander help you in the future work of this project?

Without Gev. Noorlander we were can’t know if we did well in the chicken plan… and if we didn’t do well the chicken will don’t be good!

Without Gev. Noorlander, we wouldn’t have reached this stage!

How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you?

I think it will be helpful for me because if I’ll forget something my group can remind me, and its fun to be with your friends. 

What do you feel most comfortable with this project? Why?

I feel most comfortable to work on the chicken with a group because my friends can help me and I’ll be more active. 


First Chicken Plan

today we did the first chicken plan!

my research guide my plan because I was have the information from the research so it’s helped me because I used that to did the plan.

I steal to find, how often do we change the materials?

My new information that I find, in which we will wrap the chicken.

I think it is will work because every one work or worked really hard so it’s will work because every one will share what they know, so we will get the best thing.

I think the best way is that everyone have to write / draw what they think and then take turns to explain what they wrote.

Golf Ball Challenge

Today we did the Golf Ball Challenge on the second time.

On the second time the plan is different because you try to do better so if it’s doesn’t worked in the first time we change the plan for it work know.

It’s make me to feel good, because  I have another chance to succeed.

the second try help for my team because the plan was better and we were closer to being successful.

I learn about myself that I can help more to my team, I can be involved like to speak more and to share more.

I don’t want to do all of them because there are challenges that they are challenging and difficult but most kids succeeded to do them.


ETC – Blog

I think my team do good work but the voice conversion was too high next time I’ll keep it up because it’s more fun to work that way, like the pringles challenge we was be in good voice and that fun. All of the challenge we work in team work. It’s good to be in a good voice because the team can concentrate, all of the teams cans to be concentrate.


Timeline Reflection


I  think my timeline is good because it shows important events in my life. It challenged me to choose the important events because I have a lot of meaningful events in my life.

It was easy for me to find the pictures because my family saves pictures of important events. It was fun for me to finish the timeline because it challenged me and I like to finish something that is challenging me. I think it can help me to remember important events in History or Jewish studies, actually everything that has to do with sequence of events . I am proud that I finish it by myself with no help and I learned how to use the timeline for the first time in my life.

If I would do it again, I would add more events.



What We Did In Science This Week?

This week we analyzed the perch and the sea lamprey.

Now I will compare them. The perch is very short but very thick relative to the sea lamprey. The perch has very sharp teeth and a very small mouth and is flexible.

The sea lamprey is very long and he has very sharp teeth, like the perch. The sea lamprey is more flexible than the perch and also has a small mouth.

I liked to learned more about the fishes. I less liked the smell.