Number The Stars answering questions

What do you think is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars?

The most important lesson to learn from Number The Stars is Friendship because ellen always knew that she could count on and trust Annemarie with anything. Just like any other friends should do.  Also, bravery, because ellen was very brave through the process of the war and Annemarie was too at times even though she wasn’t Jewish.

What is the most memorable Jewish studies work or project you did this year? Why? (This can be from the entire year) 

I think the most memorable project was reading number the stars because it was a very interesting book that I would recommend to all people, and the author made this book very interesting because of all of the different events in the book. This project was very fun!

 If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be?

This book is amazing and wonderful. It is one of my favorite books of all time! It is a great book to read when learning about World War 2. It has a happy ending and it features a young girl who is clever and smart. You should definitely read this book, it is amazing!


problem and solution text structure

We are learning about nonfiction text structures in ELA. Today we focused on Problem & Solution. After reading a problem and solution example, I wrote my own. Here it is:

My problem is that I am on my phone too much. I spend about 6 hours on it a day. I can limit myself to 2 ho0urs by telling my dad to remind me to get off my phone. Or I can tell Siri to remind me to get off my phone. 


Rube Reflection


What about this project went well for your group?

Something that went well was, we ended up finishing when we didn’t think we were going to. We didn’t think we were going to finish because every single time everything kept falling and wouldn’t stay in place. We ended up finishing my researching ideas online. And we ended up building a rube Goldberg that was similar.



What would you change if you did the project again? 

I would have changed the amount of time we had because we had a really good plan and didn’t have enough time to do our original plan.

expieriential exodus

what is one thing you are excited to plan for experiential exodus? to use cool-aid for blood for one of the ten plagues.

what has been challenging as you work on this project? To think of what we are going to do for the ten plagues.

what is your favorite part of the exodus story and why? My favorite part of the exodus story is when the sea split. Because it was very interesting to learn about.


Scientific Explanation Based On Experimaent

The fewer worms there are, the more dirt there is and mold. According to the experiment I did, the jar with no worms after day 3 had more dirt that the jar with 4 worms in it. This means that the jar with no worms had more dirt because the worms were consuming the nutrients from the dirt, causing the amount of dirt to decrease.  Another example is our worms have grown ½ centimeters wider. On day 1 our worms were ¼ centimeters wide. On day 18 they are now ½ centimeters wide. This shows that the worms ate the nutrients from the soil to grow which means the dirt slowly decreases because the worms are consuming the dirt. In conclusion, the fewer worms there is the more dirt there is, and the more mold there is. The more worms there are, the less dirt there is because the worms are consuming the nutrients from the dirt so the dirt decreases.


Before the chicken

  • How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project? I think I have prepared for this project by researching all about mummifying a chicken. Now I know a lot about what we are going to do for this project. 
  • What has been most helpful to you in this process? It has been helpful with working in a group because it would be hard to work by myself.
  • How can Gev. Noorlander help you in the future work of this project? She can help me with asking questions.
  • How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you? because having all of the roles would be really hard because decorating and wrapping the chicken and taking out the organs is hard to do all by your self.


update on math tutorial

Last week, we had the chance to give each other feedback on our tutorials. Based on the feedback I got, if I were to do this tutorial again this is what I would do differently. what I would do differently is explaining what a numerator and denominator is better. So the people who are going on the slide can understand better.

ETC growth

What growth have you seen in yourself so far, as well as in others? I think other people including me have been getting better at being kinder when listening to others ideas. In some of the challenges I would’v rather worked with my friend but I couldn’t, and I just ended up making new friends.