Jewish Studies (last class)

  1. What do you think is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars?
    I think the most important lesson I learned from number the stars was if you have to lie to save your life you should.
  2. What is the most memorable Jewish studies work or project you did this year? Why? (This can be from the entire year)
    I think the most memorable project was reading number the stars because we were reading it at a crazy time and it was also a crazy time in the book, it was an amazing book, it was really fun doing this project! 
  3. If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be?
    My advice would be to look at it from a really Jewish perspective.

jewish studys interview

I am going to interview my mom

me:  what does your day look like when you go to work?

my mom:  logging on to my computer and teaching her kid from home.

me:  How are you protecting yourself from the virus?

my mom:  stay at home order. eating healthy. exercising.

me:   How are you feeling about your work?

my mom:  great my kids are excited to learn and participate.

Problem and Solution Text Structure

We are learning about nonfiction text structures in ELA. Today we focused on Problem & Solution. After reading a problem and solution example, I wrote my own. Here it is:


I lost my homework.

My solutions are to talk to my teacher/email my teacher, work with my teacher during recess, ask a friend to tell me.

I hope I can figure this out soon.

Experiential Exodus

  1. One thing I am excited for is… teaching the little kids because it is going to be fun and I like working with little kids.
  2. One thing that has been challenging is… trying to come up with ideas because it is hard to agree on things.
  3. My favorite part of the Exodus story is… the 10 plagues because it is really interesting to learn about.

chicken mummifying

  • How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project? I think I worked well such as we I was summarizing with Noah k. 
  • What has been most helpful to you in this process? Working with Noah k. Because he is helpful.                                           
  • How can Gev. Noorlander help you in the future work of this project? to tell us more about summarizing.                       
  • How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you? I think it is helpful because they can sort of guide me. 
  • What do you feel most comfortable with this project? Why? Materials because me and my group talked about it. 

First Chicken Plan

How did your research guide your plan? I looked it up with google serch operators. 

What information do you still need to find? what else I need to mummify my chicken.

What new information did you find as you planned? I found out that you stick a hook the a hole near nose. 

How do you think this plan will work with your group members? I think it might work. 

How can you make sure every person’s voice is heard in the group? We all have a job and take turns talking and trying ideas. 


Golf Ball Challange

How did going through the same challenge twice change your planning?It changed my plan because at the end we thought of other ways to do it. 
How did the chance to try again make you feel? I think it made me feel good because it was like I hade another chance to do this so I could try something.
How did the chance to try again help your team? Hurt your team? I think it helped our team so we could try again.
Would you like to try past challenges again? Yes, I would so we would try again.

Undate on Tutorial

Last week, we had the chance to give each other feedback on our tutorials. Based on the feedback I got, if I were to do this tutorial again this is what I would do differently.

Something I would do differently is I would fix the answer that I got wrong at the end. I got it wrong because I used the wrong number such as the answer should have been 1 7/12.   Also, I would explain the math words a little better.