A Few Reminders

We are so excited to see everyone on Monday, February 24 for Global Experience. You can visit our room at either 8:15 or 8:45. Now that we are back to 3:30 Fridays your child will need two snacks every Friday. Please remember to sign up for student led conferences in March.

100 Days of First Grade

We had a fantastic morning celebrating the 100th day of school! Check out your child’s homework folder and Seesaw to learn about what we did.

Special Trip

We had an absolute blast walking to Gev Lutsky’s house today. The kids loved exploring her home, playing with different toys and eating delicious fruit.

Project Time!

We had great fun and worked hard on a special project for Global Experience today. We can’t wait for you to see it! Your child might have some blue stained hands but I promise it’ll come off eventually ! 🙂

More continents and oceans

We have done so much this week to learn about our world. The kids started doing a lot more individual research on their topics. We are so excited to share our learning with you in a couple weeks. We also had the chance to learn about South America from Gev. Denny, Africa from Gev. Honigman […]

Global Experience

We are so excited to share our learning with you all on Monday, February 24 at 8:00 am. The kids are learning about the oceans and continents in many ways, one of which is songs. They love the following songs and want to perform them for the visitors in our classroom. Please help your kids […]

Continents and Oceans

Our class has been working hard and doing a lot of research to learn more about our world. We have started learning about all of the continents and oceans. To enhance our own research, I have invited in staff members to share their experiences of visiting different continents with the class. Today we learned about […]

Upper School Musical

The upper school students have been working hard to get ready for the musical,  Seussical Jr. There will be three shows, all at the JCC Ritz Theater: Thurs., Jan. 30 and Sat., Feb. 1 at 7 pm and Sun., Feb. 2 at noon. Tickets can be purchased in the office this week or at the […]

Back with Gev. Damico

I am so happy to be back with the first graders for the rest of the school year. Gev. Lutsky enjoyed her time with the class very much and is planning on volunteering and subbing throughout the rest of the year. If there is anything specific  you want to talk to me about now that […]

Old Fashioned School Day

We had a blast this morning celebrating our learning of the late 1800s. Ask your kids about the following: the walk to school toeing the line and the songs that were sung the games we played what we made for our lunch their old fashioned name

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