Shabbat Sing

We missed all the parents and families at Shabbat Sing today! However, as always, the first graders were full of life and having a great time singing and dancing!  


It was such a fun day. We started off with the Megillah reading and a staff skit. Adon Lippman drank a gross milkshake and Rabbi Schaller dyed her hair hot pink! Then we exchanged mishloach manot with Hillel first grade and played a game with them. We then had fun pranking some offices in the […]

Read Across America Week

Inspired by the birthday of Dr. Seuss, this was “Read Across America Week”. The school did special activities connected to reading each day. A very nice moment in our classroom was when we took some time to read out loud to each other.

Purim is coming!

Our school is getting ready for a fun filled day to celebrate Purim next week on Tuesday, March 10.  Your child can join in on the fun by wearing a costume. Please make sure they are still dressed appropriately for school. They need regular shoes to wear all day and they may not have weapons […]

Technology skills

I have been working on a variety of technology skills with the students lately. Assuming you have computers/iPads/laptops in your home, these are things that you can help with and reinforce for your child. These are some of the things we have been working on: how to use the internet to do research how to […]

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

There is so much in math that involves only one right answer. I work to find math opportunities for the kids where there can be more than one correct answer, the kids just need to be able to justify their thinking. One activity that allows for this is called, “Which One Doesn’t Belong?”.  Check out […]

Leap Year!

We have enjoyed learning about leap years. Do you know why they exist? If not, ask your child because they do! Gev.  Peck’s husband was born on February 29 and he came in to talk to us about it. We also had some fun leaping on our homemade hopscotch board.

Winter gear

Recess has been very fun but very muddy and dirty this week. I will be sending home a lot of winter gear today for some kids that needs a good washing. Please make sure that your kids have a hat, gloves, boots and snow pants back at school for tomorrow.

Global wrap up

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and see the kids’ hard work this morning. I’m incredibly proud of them. In addition to the information that they learned about our world, they have started to learn research skills, different ways to share information including the use of technology and presentation skills.

The Start of Global Experience

Our global week kicked off today. We had a fun airplane ride where we got boarding passes and had to go through security before watching a video about traveling around the world. Then, some upper school students and teacher visited our room so we could practice for Monday. We hope to see all of you […]

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