Leadership Post

  1. What is it like to be on the board of trustees?     I am interviewing my mom for this assignment

My mom says it’  mitzvah, like a commandment.

My mom is a trusted individual.


2. how long have you been on the board?

4 yrs and also helping in different ways.

She has been doing this for 7 years.




This website gives you free pictures to use for your work, without asking for permission.


If you are going to be using photos I suggest you use this website.

IF you use pictures from a Google search you may get sued by the person who took the picture.

If you don’t want to not lose any money I think you should use Unsplash.com.

I have used this site many times for my projects and haven’t gotten sued yet.

The four children.



The reason I drew just one child is that each child has all four traits in them. When we do the seder I feel like all of the kids combined. I feel wise when I know the story of Passover and others don’t. I feel wicked when I just want the seder to end so I can eat. I feel simple when I sit silent the entire time of the seder. And I’m sure that there are questions to be asked.  Another reason I did this is that the Haggadah didn’t just give a description of the children, they picked ways to confuse us and question ourselves.


Please make sure to copy and paste each of the prompts!

1. What is a raised garden bed?      A garden bed that is risen up by bricks, metal and etc.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school?

I don’t think a raised garden bed would be good for the school, but the entrance to the school would look better with the garden beds.

3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school?
The bed is not that cool you don’t put much work into it as the aquaponics.

Copy and paste a photo of the prototypical (best one in your mind) design of a raised garden bed.
Image result for raised garden bed
4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best. the reason I like this model is that we can grow veggies in it and we can keep animals away with the gate.

blog post for poverty

  1. Explain what the four factors of poverty are and how they impact one’s life.


The four factors of poverty are Education, Health, housing/geography, and food. 


  1. Explain how the cycle of poverty works.


The cycle of poverty starts when your parents don’t have enough I need to support you and your sister’s and brothers’ food, education, and Healthcare.  then you grow up not having enough food and I have an education, so you can’t get a job. Then when someone offers you food for you you take it and then as the days go on to take in more of that bad food and then you get diabetes. Since you don’t have any Health insurance you can’t buy meds for diabetes. Then you die. 


  1. How do we help people get healthy food cheaply (make sure your answer is realistic)?


We paid Farmers to give a lot of food to homeless shelters and out in the streets so then poor people can get good and healthy food that they need. 


What government policy suggestions do you have?



What changes can you/we make to help?

 Grow healthy food for poor people


Defend your answer:

Where helping Famers and homeless people. So were helping everyone.