Text Skills in Jewish Studies Class

Jewish Literacy. We all agree it is important. How do we get there?

Sixth and seventh graders are working on their Jewish literacy skills. This includes translation of source texts, looking at traditional commentary, and figuring out for themselves what it means. Sixth graders are focusing on mishna (Sukkot) and seventh graders are focusing on Nach (Shmuel Alef). That’s the first goal.

Students learning text in the original Hebrew

take Next: How do we take Jewish text and make it meaningful in our own lives? How does the text influence our worldview? Who we are as Jews and how we act in this world?

Ask your sixth and seventh grader how this is going for them. See if they can explain the texts they are learning in class. Even better, choose some text (maybe their bar or bat mitzvah portion to start with) and learn it with them!


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