Passover Resources For All

This year’s Passover will feel… different. Here are some ideas to make sure it feels meaningful, educational and FUN! Order of the seder gameboard: make your own game board and game pieces! Here’s some inspiration. Plan your own seder: This link has everything you need to plan an awesome seder! Bingo for seder: seems like […]

8th Jewish Studies

Seventh and eighth graders heard from Shay Pilnik from HERC and Tzipi Altman-Shafer from the Coalition from the Coalition for Jewish Learning about the history of German Jewry. This is part of a program called Repairing the Glass. Next, they will hear from a second generation survivor of Kristallnacht, and then will make videos of […]

4th Jewish Studies

Fourth graders are preparing for Yom Kippur by learning about Teshuva. They learned about the 3 necessary steps: Name what you did wrong Show genuine regret Ask for forgiveness Students then had a lot of fun acting out short plays to show that they understood the process of teshuva. We also read the Book of […]

Welcome to Fourth Grade Jewish Studies!

Dear Fourth Grade Parents, I am so excited to be your child’s Jewish Studies teacher this year! We have already jumped into our first unit which is based on the driving question: how do Jewish rituals make lifecycle events special?  Our learning will culminate in a mock wedding for Gev. Denny and her soon-to-be husband […]

Text Skills in Jewish Studies Class

Jewish Literacy. We all agree it is important. How do we get there? Sixth and seventh graders are working on their Jewish literacy skills. This includes translation of source texts, looking at traditional commentary, and figuring out for themselves what it means. Sixth graders are focusing on mishna (Sukkot) and seventh graders are focusing on […]