June 8


Classroom Cartoon photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors ...


a) What is something we did this year that you think you will remember for the rest of your life?

During the past circumstance we been doing online classes. During this i learned i can adapt and more quickly pick up skill than i thought. 

b) What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

I proud of graduating 

c) What challenged you this year? Why?

Learning whit out quick access of help. Cause when i need help i ask but having ti email instead just walking u and asking is a longer wait for help.

April 20

Images And Their Secrets.

Images from online are always the best option

Yes, online images could get you into trouble because of copyright. Just because images are online doesn’t mean they’re free and safe.

You yes you can don many things to solves this such as make your own pictures or ensure you credit the owner of the photo.

If you think you’re bad at drawing just look at mine


See anyone can draw now you try!!!!!!



A quick story form yofriend!!!


ON a weekend evening a little boy walked across the field to his grandpa but he saw a dark green lizard with a cut on its leg and said ” oh my I help you lizard. So the boy walked back to his house got some bandages and a bowl of water and his pet lizard to keep the injured lizard company. The bot forgot food so he went to his house to get some food but when the boy came back his lizard was gone but not the injured lizard. The boy ran to his grandpa and told him “grandpa I lost my lizard while helping another lizard. Hsi grandpa cam out to help him and said: ” om my god it an alligator”. The boy said ” oh whoopsies.


April 6

social studies blog I read .

https://masonl2020.blogspot.com/2020/03/my-avartar.html  I learned that a simple thing can protect you.

https://mikkocbgs.edublogs.org/2020/03/23/avatars-why-are-they-important/?unapproved=33&moderation-hash=f5ea6818397276cadb673ef6663a291c#comment-33 I learned that simple is the way to go sometimes

I learned that you can turn an activity into another activity.

Another Post About Avatars

April 6

Commenting guidelines My edition

I like having structure and rules but not too many so here are my personal commenting guidelines.


  1. WRite you comment like a letter

2. correct your grammar and spelling mistakes if not done already

3.  Make sure your comment is kind and respectful to the creator.

4.  be sure to not expose any personal info or any others

5. be sure to be clear about what your saying.

March 18

My Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie?

Star wars
2. Why do you like the movie so much?

IT has a cool effect and i love the plot twist. 
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel?

4. What would be an example of the literary aspects of this film?

princess being on the imperial ship.

March 17

Israel story podcasts

The Last “Rabbi” of Baghdad – A Thanksgiving Special


My podcast talks about the last rabbi in Baghdad. His family did not leave with the rest of the jews in Baghdad. He dint go to a Jewish school and his dad taught him Hebrew and he always thought the was Jewish going to temple every week. It was hard in 67 because of the war. He became many things because he was one of the last ones in the place that were young. I choose it because it was a cool background for a a person and his story.

March 16

Who I am as an Avatar


My avatar is me wearing a grey sweatshirt and grey pants which are colors I usually wear. MY avatar is representing me being calm wearing comfortable close which I like a lot.  I choose to make my avatar like this because I don’t like to have colors that popo out. I do like to be comfortable and this shows being comfortable.  If my avatar had a superpower it would be immortality. I choose immortality because the idea of death is something that frightens me so it a power anyone especially I would want is immortality. I used Snapchat to create a bitmoji.





January 29

Jewish studies letter to President Roosevelt,

Dear President Roosevelt,
I believe that you should let Jewish immigrants to America because if they had no place to go the will have to go to Germany and when they go back to Germany they will get marginalized and then executed. By you letting Jewish immigrants into America you will save half of the Jewish people. Please help the jews survive and flourish.

January 29

: Project Soapbox

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is Gun violence

I am really interested in this topic because it affect millions of people and it effect me wanting to have a country that follows our constitutional rights but still is safe.

I could really use some help in my process of writing my speech because I want to keep guns but still have a safe country.