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March 20, 2020
by jprimakow24

Home School

My experience of home school is very bad so far. I normally have fun at school but at home it is not fun. I think that because I am with my family and that can be stressful. We are getting along better after the first week but we are still having fun. In this experience I will learn how to get along better. It will make me be better at being calm. I am watching CNN at home with my family and doing school work. I am also doing gym and recces at home. This wont improve my social skills because I wont be near anyone. This will help me a lot and not help me but that is ok.

March 3, 2020
by jprimakow24

Jacobs Dream

1. What is Jacob’s Hebrew name? יעקב

2. Why was Jacob leaving? (2 Reasons) To find a wife and Esau is going to kill him

3. What happened in Jacob’s dream? Yakov climes a ladder

4. Why is this dream important? Yakov saw god and he said bless you

February 27, 2020
by jprimakow24
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Global Experience

My favorite part of global experience was building the jungle and the 4 animals.  The most challenging part was presenting to my siblings and the Senior kindergarten because they were hard to give your attention.

February 26, 2020
by jprimakow24
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My Editorial


  Ways To Help Endangered Animals

                                                  By Judah



One of the most important problems is that endangered animals are going to become extinct. Elephants are dying for stupid reasons. Hunters are killing the elephants for their tusks. Hopefully my editorial will change your mind about not killing the endangered animals. 




To protect the food chain you have to do many things to help it for these reasons. 

There will be a flood of fish if we kill sharks, bears and otters. so we can’t kill them. If we kill tigers then we will have an elk problem. We can’t afford to kill animals like the leopards, dohles and even alligators too.


You can get jewelry and cool carpet from poaching endangered animals. Ways you can help are…

Elephant tusks are being used as table legs and you can buy wood table legs. Instead of buying a tiger fur sweatshirt, buy a fake tiger fur sweatshirt instead. 

Poaching endangered animals can get you a lot of money. Yes well that is true there are consequences . You can go to jail from poaching endangered animals and it is bad for the environment.   



                   If you see an endangered animal or just a regular animal help it even if it is  aggressive and fighting back. If you can’t help the animal, call a rescue team like the Humane Society Of The United States.


    Finally the best part. The  jokes



  1. What do you do when a duck is becoming sick…………. Give it Tweetment
  2. Whenever does a teacher carry bird seed HMMM?……………………… At Parrot teacher conference
  3. What would you ever call a dinosaur that is sleeping?………….. A dino-snore 
  4. What ever did a dog say when for sum reason it sat on sandpaper?……………………………Ruff Ha Haaa
  5. How would you make an Elephant stop charging?………………………………..Take it’s credit card Ha Ha Haaaaa

February 25, 2020
by jprimakow24

Global Experience With the Kindergartners

The Senior   and Junior  presentation was very good. The Senior studied about family. In one of Senior presentation you got to make a house with your family in the house.

The Juniors were studding about Refugees. One of the presentation was a heart with the refugees family on it. I loved there presentation a lot.

February 20, 2020
by jprimakow24

Torah and Me

Why dose Isaac favor one son and Rebecca  the other? Rebecca loves Jacob more because he is not natural and Isaac loves Esau more because he is first born. Rebecca loves Jacob because she thinks he is better, Isaac loves Esau because he dose not cook. Jacob loves Rebecca  more. I have not experienced being the favored. Siblings fight because they hate each other.

February 14, 2020
by jprimakow24

Wrinkle In Time

My favored part of the play is when they tester because of the lightning and the cool dramatic movement.


My seats were so good. front row seating is the best because you get to see the action better than ever.


They didn’t include every scene but it was very very well done. The beach part was the one I wanted to see but they didn’t include that. It was still good though. I want to see it again It was good  👍👍.

February 6, 2020
by jprimakow24

Hercules SWBST

Somebody: Hercules, 

Wanted:  To be a god and to live on Mount Olympus.

But: He had to do an amazing feat to go to Mount Olympus.

So: He defeated the Titans. 

Then: He went up to Mount Olympus

  Hercules is strong and mighty. He is strong and mighty because he can lift heavy objects.  He lifted a poll to save Meg. 

February 3, 2020
by jprimakow24
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My Strong Opinion: The Caste system is the most important issue for my opinion. It is wrong, it’s dumb. It is right for it to be illegal because it is just not right and they should be mad.


It is bad because it is not fair for the lower Caste.


It is wrong because the lower caste don’t have enough freedom.


It is bad because there are so many tears and not a lot of food for the lower caste.


My feelings are mad at those people in the higher caste. It is just wrong so so wrong… they should be ashamed of themselves (higher caste).


That makes me so mad and I want to go over to the lower caste and I want to give them a lot of food and it is so wrong. I’m so sorry for the lower caste. And it is scary to be like that in our world.


I am so ashamed of the higher caste. They should not be at the higher or lower. “And we are all humans,” Baylen said.


But it is the higher caste’s choice to fight but it is the wrong thing to do.


I support the lower caste.


The caste system is kind of like the native american and Europeans. The lower caste called Dalit and there is an upper caste and they call the Dalit people untuchable’s and that is not right. People should all be even.


The upper caste treats the Dalit people really poorly and the upper caste should be sorry. It is hard when the Dalit people aren’t treated the same it should be so bad that the upper caste people should go to jail.


Dalit people are just as equal as the upper caste. The Dalit calture is so not fair and it should be done. The Dalit people should have the rights to have a job.     


Sometimes the lower and higher caste can be friends. 


Overall, I am really against the Caste System.

January 21, 2020
by jprimakow24

March for Washington

I am a farmer in Illinois and don’t make much money and have lots of food and a grandparent.

I am African American.

I would not go to the march for Washington because, one a lot of money, two my legs don’t work as well as they did, three too much violence for me to handle.

but I would if I had more money.

I would support the civil rights movement by doing something kind of other African Americans.  I could help support the people going to the march by giving them food or other things they might need.

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