SBC Task 8: Questions About School

  1. What’s your ideal school?

My ideal school would have no homework, and a good athletic program. I would want to have a school with no homework because in my opinion, homework is just extra school, and it’s unneeded. I would want a good athletic program because I play basketball, and if the school had a good athletic program, it would probably have a good basketball team.

2. Share your opinion on uniforms, school starting times, homework, recess, or another controversial issue.

I think schools start too early. People my age need at least nine hours of sleep and we don’t get that, because of the start time, and the amount of homework we have.

3. What do you dream of doing once you finish school?

When I finish school my dream would be to play in the NBA, but there is a low chance of that happening. If I don’t make the NBA, I want to be a basketball trainer.

4. If you were principal for a week, what would you do?

If I was the principal for a week, I would make there be no homework. I would also make the school’s start time at 9:30 AM. Finally, I would hire basketball trainers for the basketball team.

5. Do you like learning at home or at school?

I like learning at school more because I get to see my friends at school, and I have a hard time focusing at home,

Student Blogging challenge task 5

This is a free photo.

There were 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Celtics have the ball on a fast break. Jayson Tatum is dribbling up the court, and then he lobs it to Jaylen Brown, who then dunks it. Now the Celtics are winning by two. Devin Booker takes the ball up the court and makes a three to make the Suns up by one. Kemba Walker takes the ball up the court gets in the lane, but gets trapped. There are only five seconds left. He kicks it to Marcus Smart in the corner who shoots a three and… makes it at the buzzer.

Student Blogging Challenge Task 1

You can’t use every photo found on google because they are usually copyrighted. This means you have to have legal rights to use the photo. This is why you should use free photos. With free photos you don’t need any legal permission to use them. That’s why you should use free photos. You can go on googles advanced setting and select free photos to get free photos on google.

Blogs I Read

I learned that Nick likes to play basketball.

I learned that Micha has a navy hoodie that he likes to wear.

I learned that Thomas likes the color blue.

My Avatar by Tristen

I learned that Tristen likes horror movies.

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Us.  The movie is about a family that moves to a knew house and their clones try to kill them. Us is my favorite movie because it is suspenseful, the acting is really good, and it has an interesting concept. When I am watching the movie I feel excited because I am excited for what’s going to happen next, and I’m also scared because there are jump scares and suspenseful moments. An example of a literary aspect in Us is the theme which is family. I think this is theme because throughout the movie the the family protects each other from their clones.

About Me

Hello my name is Indy and I live in Wisconsin. I am thirteen years old and am in eighth grade. The activity I like doing most on Sunday mornings is playing basketball. The super power I would like to have is telepathy because it would be fun moving things with my mind, I could make every shot in basketball, and I could control the ball for every Boston sports team making sure they win. I would rather be superhero than a wizard because it would be fun saving people. My favorite song right now is either Numbers by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Roddy Rich, and Gunna, or Suicidal Remix by YNW Melly and Juice Wrld. I like Numbers because it has a nice beat, and I like Suicidal because Juice Wrld’s and YNW Melly’s vocals in it are very good. Three fun facts about me are I was born in Boston, I play basketball, and I have family in Mexico. My blog is about my journey through school.

Israel Story

For Jewish Studies we had to listen to a podcast about Israel. The one I listened to was about two siblings. The sister, was orthodox  and the brother was reformed. In this podcast they discussed their views on religion. I think the sister said something very important when asked if she wanted to make other people orthodox. What she was you should be friends with people who are different from you and she explained that, that is why she doesn’t want to make other people orthodox. I did not choose this podcast for a specific reason, it was just shorter and I had a lot of work to do. Although, I am glad I chose it because it was interesting.