Student Blogging Challenge #6

My opinions about school

  • What’s your ideal school? You could even include a map of what it would look like.                               I think my ideal school would be a that studies marine biology, it would be by the ocean and I would study the ocean animals.
  • Share your opinion on uniforms, school starting times, homework, recess, or another controversial issue.                                                                                                                                                                      I think that schools should not have uniforms because without them kids cant express themselves.
  • What do you dream of doing once you finish school?                                                                                    I really don’t know what I want to do after school I would like to wait until I really know what I want to do.
  • Do you like learning at home or at school?                                                                                                      I like learning at school way more then I like learning at home, I get distracted at home and I miss my friends.

Blogs I Read

I learned that Jacob’s dog looks like a cookie.

I learned that Gabrielle has traveled to 15 different countries.


Iris loves to play net ball.

My Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie?
my favorite movie is highschool musical.
2. Why do you like the movie so much?
Whenever I watch it it always brings me back to when I was younger.
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel?
I always feel like a little kid again.
4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film?
the theme is always how troy and Gabriella find a way to stay together through highschool.

Israel Story Podcast : Achoti

In Jewish studies we had to listen to an Israel story podcast, I chose to listen to the podcast Achoti  I chose to listen to this podcast because it was one of the shortest podcasts but also it seemed pretty interesting when I read what it was about. The story is an interview about a secular brother and a more religious sister and how they different and similar. They have different political views and different religious views. The siblings grew up in the same household but as they got older the brother got more secular and the sister chose to be more religious. They talked about how their differences end up bringing them together, which I think is nice because sometimes when you disagree with somebody it can end up pushing you apart, but they ended up being able to stay close. 

Who I am as an Avatar

My avatar is me but not really me of course. I really tried to make it look like me but I have blue strands in my hairs and that wasn’t really an option. I tried to use some of my favorite colors because it’s hard to make your avatar special if you stick to what you look like. For instance, I made the shirt blue and the background have stars. I think my avatar’s superpower is probably being able to fly. I feel like flying is just the coolest superpower.

Dear Pres. Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,
Hi, my name is Isabel. I am an American Jew living in Milwaukee. As a jew, I feel that we should let the passengers of the US St. Louis into America. The people on the ship are trying to commit suicide, they have nowhere else to go except back to Germany, where concentration camps await them. Only 30 of the passengers were allowed into Cuba. Jewish immigrants have done a lot for America and if we don’t let the Jews in we can lose the skills they have. I feel as a Jew we should let all the Jews on the US St. Louis into America.


capstone interview

  1. Who did you interview?

    I interviewed my mom because she is probably the most jewish person in my family.

  1. What is one new thing you learned from this process?

   I did not know that  my mom had a lot of non jewish family i always thought that all of her family was jewish.

  1. Did your interview(s) change you in any way? How so?

It didn’t really change it just kinda made me learn more about my mom like i didn’t know she wanted to be in the military.

Nuremberg Laws


1. How would you summarize the purpose of the Nuremberg Laws?

The first three sections were about keeping Jews and Germans separated. Jews weren’t allowed to marry Germans in order to keep “German blood”. Jews also weren’t allowed to employ a young female German to prevent anything happening.

2. How did the laws you read and discussed contribute to creating the type of “national community” that the Nazis desired?

The Jews were separated from the Germans so that there wouldn’t be any Jewish German people. They would only be “pure Germans”.