Soapbox Project

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is Mental illnesses. There is multiple parts to this topic which I am in the middle of working on. I am thinking about focusing on schools not paying attention and medication not affordable in some areas. I am really interested in this topic because I have seen some of my closest friends, family members, or just people that are dealing with it in general. Another reason is that I like to help people and see others happy. I could really use some help by getting other peoples opinions on what are some other issues that could be included in mental illnesses around the world.

Dear President Roosevelt..


I am Hannah Kleinerman. I think the Jews should be able to come into the country and have a happy life. I think this because if they went back to Germany they would be very unsafe, people complaining, potential death, and they would also be back in the same position they were in. This also connects to the constitution. One of them is freedom of speech and religion and that is breaking one of the amendments. I think both these reasons are relevant towards having Jews being able to come into the country.

The Nuremberg Laws

1. How would you summarize the purpose of the Nuremberg Laws?

The purpose of the Nuremberg Laws is to protect German blood and German honor.

2. How did the laws you read and discussed contribute to creating the type of “national community” that the Nazis desired?  

These laws contributed towards a national community because it made Jews separate from everyone else.

3. How might these laws have influenced the attitudes and actions of the German people? How might their lives and beliefs have changed as a result of this law?

These laws might result in German people getting angry/upset or contributing towards these laws, Their lives could have changed is small ways and some in bigger ways.

Capstone Reflection

Recently we’ve been having speakers coming in to teach us their perspective as “Who am I in the world?” as a Jew, citizen, and learner. We had a Rabbi connected to our school come in and talk about her life story and, it made me feel like I had a head and hands experience. A head experience is when you gain more knowledge and, a hands experience is when you gain more life long skills.

When she was talking about the point in her life when she was getting more included in groups and clubs it showed me I should be more connected to my Synagogue and Jewish activities around the community which for me felt like a hands experience. Then when she was talking about were she was in college and what she did after college showed me that I still have so much to learn and not to rush anything.  One quote that she said that spoke out to me a lot was, “the best way to make the world a better place is teaching people how to be a better person”.

First Mishpachot

What went well?

One thing that went well was all the other kids were really respectful and listened really well and my plan worked out really well.

What needs to change?

One things that needs to change is fun games and create more fun activities.

What help do you need from your teachers in this room and in the room of your family?

The only help I needed was filling up the grape juice.

What new ideas did you get for next time?

I don’t really have any ideas for next time but, I’m going to lookup some on pintrest and online in general.


Concept map reflection

How did you make decisions about your map? Please share your thought process.

I made decisions for my map by figuring out which subject came first in my perspective and what came last to see whats in the middle. My thoughts about the process is that it was an easy process the only thing I had to do was to see what things were in my opinion.

How do the choices you made help you answer the question Who am I in the world? Choose one or more of the categories to comment on (Jew, citizen, learner).

This project helped me answer the question as a citizen because I see a lot of things in society or as a learner  instead of a jew perspective because I thought that this project was about what is going on in the world.

One Pager Reflection- All The Bright Places

One decision I made on my one pager was the main drawing which was a bell. It represents where Violet and finch met. I made this choice because I thought this is where the book started suspense ,and it explains on what was going on in their heads at the time. Another choice I made was writing how the characters developed over time. I made this choice because it showed I understood what was going on instead the characters heads or what they were feeling.  The last choice I made is writing my reaction because it shows other people what my thoughts were on the book. I made this choice because it shows how I learned things throughout the book.

On my one pager I used most color on the quotes. Each of the quotes held something in them and represented a color weather it was sad/depressed or happy or any emotion in general. Another part I used color on was the setting which was black bold letters because I thought that setting was throughout the whole book and was important.

One piece of textual evidence I used from the book was a quote which is “you saved my life why couldn’t I save yours”. I chose this quote because I thought that it explained a lot for the book because its based on suicide and being in love. Another quote I used was ” there is always somewhere to go”. I chose this piece of evidence because I think the biggest part in the book is the different settings because they go so many places around their small town in Indiana.

One learning goal I did best on was I can follow directions because I didn’t have much of white space, I used color, and I showed what I learned/understood. One of the learning goals I found challenging was summarizing text because I had trouble deciding how to describe what was going on on in one part of the book.

Declaration of Independence Reflection

1. What role did equality and being equal play in that time period?

Equality and being equal is played a big part in this time period when the founding fathers have too give evidence to England on why they want to leave and be separated and be treated equally among each other.
2. What does it mean to be an American citizen?

To be an American citizen it means you must follow the laws of the declaration that our Founding Fathers have created for our country.

3. If you were a colonist, would you be a loyalist or a patriot? Give reasons to support your answer.

I would be a patriot because they fought against the Britain’s so that they could make their own laws for the USA. Also they wanted to have freedom.


4. Why did some of the colonists want to remain under British rule?

Some of colonist wanted to because they could’ve not been wealthy enough or they didn’t want violence.



Soap Boat Challenge

What challenges did you encounter? How did you deal with them?      The challenges we encountered were having the boat in a soapy environment because we would try using the boat maybe 3 or 4 times and it wouldn’t work. We dealt with them by making several boats and dumping out the water of the tin each trial.

Currently we have been having success using a tin foil pan so we could dump out the water.