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Wonder . Empathy . Tikkun Olam

February 27, 2020
by hkatch25
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Global Experience

the best hing Global Experience is that I did it animals and

I did it and had so much fun I did it with my pals  it was cool we went  to

other people stations it was fun.


February 14, 2020
by hkatch25
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A wrinkle in time

Today I went to a Wrinkle in Time. Mackenzie came , too. It was so cool. The lights lit the place up.

When we were on the bus, we talked and then we went to the place. It was COOL!!!!` 



February 3, 2020
by hkatch25
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The Caste System

My opinion on the Caste System is that it is not nice. I think it is is bad because people are being split up into groups of five categories. The higher castes get better opportunities and the lower castes don’t get anything. They are really poor and don’t even have enough money for food. Even though the caste system is illegal, it is still happening and in my opinion, it really needs to stop.

January 23, 2020
by hkatch25
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1 world goal

I have got my word goal done so I am doing my goal more and more.                                                                                            What I have been doing in my 1 word goal? I am helping my mom and my dad. I am doing chores.

December 19, 2019
by hkatch25

What I think is cool about India is that  people don’t eat  meat. I want to learn more about the art in India.

November 20, 2019
by hkatch25
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I would be an Electric. An Electric does fighting. I would want to be that because Electric is so cute. He can run really fast because he is electric.

November 8, 2019
by hkatch25
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we are learning multiplication  and division.

I love so so so much math so so much!!!!!!!

I am trying to keep a growth mindset.

I will try and do it more when I work with Gev. Fox.


September 19, 2019
by hkatch25


I learned about new friends today. I know about what they like, what their birthday is, and their ideas.

Everything went well. Kenzie and I played with Kenzie C a lot and I felt like a leader.

I changed my attitude because I liked helping Kenzie. I liked playing a ball game and I even found a hawk feathe

I was able to save a BUTTERFLY’S  LIFE.

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