Jewish Studies Reflection

a) What is something we did this year that you think you will remember for the rest of your life?

I am going to remember every single Kab Shab for the rest of my life. We made so many memories and I will never forget it. From the little things like Gev. Honigman knowing everyone’s challah details to watching a Shaboom and singing along to touching someone who’s touching someone who’s touching the challah. Kab Shab is a time when I feel like a Mishpacha with my class mates and I will never forget it.

e) What makes you proud to be Jewish?

MJDS and my friends makes me proud to be Jewish. When someone asks where I go to school, I say MJDS, and I’m proud of it.

f) What is your favorite Jewish memory from your entire time at MJDS and why?

Purim every year is my favorite Jewish memory. I love the ruach we have on Purim. We read the Megillah, sing songs, and overall have the best time ever on Purim. I’m going to miss this so much.

Student Blogging Challenge #6

Today we are learning about schools from around the world. I watched a cool video about what classrooms look like around the world. You can watch the video with this link;

Today I’m going to complete Task 8 – Opinions about school:

  • What’s your ideal school? You could even include a map of what it would look like.
    • My ideal school is probably your average Jewish Private school, similar to MJDS. I don’t know what it would look like.
  • Share your opinion on uniforms, school starting times, homework, recess, or another controversial issue.
    • I support uniforms because then I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking dress code.
    • I’m fine with when school starts but I take an extra math class so instead of school starting at 8:00 am it starts at 7:15 am for me.
    • I hate homework, but I understand why we have it.
    • We currently have recces but I usually just read a book instead of doing your average recess stuff.
  • What do you dream of doing once you finish school?
    • I want to be a teacher but not a teacher, teacher. It’s hard to explain.
  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do?
    • I would honestly give extra study hall because I like study hall. I would give nap time to everyone. I would allow phones for music. I would take away social studies (just kidding).
  • Do you like learning at home or at school?
    • I like learning at school because I actually get to be with my friends and can communicate with my teachers easier.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Task 1- Educate Others

For this weeks SBC, we learned about using images from google legally or illegally and plagiarism. According to Oxford dictionary, plagiarism is, “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” That means that if you are taking someone’s images from google that are already copyrighted then you are committing plagiarism.


Task 2- Make An Image

Our second task is to make our own copyright free image. We can do this in many many ways. I chose to use a photo of my friends and I and put a quote with it. I got my friends consent to use this image and showed who said this quote. I am very proud of how this turned out. I made this with


Task 3- Picture Prompts

The final task is for me to post an image and write the start of a story about it. Then, you, the reader has to finish off the story about my image.

My image:

My story:

This is Shiraz Saferaz the Egyptian. She works very hard on building pyramids all day. Today she came home from work after finally finishing her masterpiece. The name of her masterpiece is “Big Bertha.” Big Bertha is a huge pyramid that has…

My Favorite Movie

1. My favorite movie is Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith
2. I like this movie so much because my favorite Star Wars characters are in this movie.
3. When I watch this movie I feel intense and worried because the whole time Annikin knows that something will happen to Padme.
4. An example of the literary aspects within this film is that the further Annikin goes to the dark side, the darker his clothes get.

Israel Story Podcast: Achoti

I listened to the podcast Achoti. It is an interview between a secular brother and an orthodox sister. They talk about how they are very similar yet different. They have different political views and religious views. They agree how their differences bring each other together. They also talk about how no matter the Israeli Jew whether they are secular or orthodox or in between they will still have different opinions. The sister is accepting of any type of Jew and is fine with the fact that she is different than her brother.

At the end of the podcast, the song Kan Zeh Bayit played. I feel like that is the perfect way to sum up this podcast and show that our differences can make us closer.

I chose this podcast because of the name. Achoti means my sister. I could already tell I would like it because I knew it would be telling the story of a family and somebody’s sister.

The podcast:

Who I am as an avatar

This avatar is based off of a photo I have with two of my friends. I am in a dark red shirt, black shirt, and Australian boots called Blundstones. I chose to make this avatar like this because I reall like the outfit I was wearing. ALso, I feel like this picture is a good representation of myself. A super power my avatar should have is mind reading. I feel like I can sometimes read other people’s minds so that is what my avatar should do too.

I made this avatar on


Project Soapbox

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is gun control and it’s connections to antisemitism.

I am really interested in this topic because it is something that I am passionate about and I think the society needs to be more educated about.

I could really use some help with editing my speech in the future.

Dear President Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,

There are Jews stuck in a ship in the middle of the ocean trying to find safety. Cuba denied the passengers on the US St. Louis access to the country. Now these peoples are seeking refuge. We need to let these people in! I am a Jew and I think it is terrible that you are treating MY people like this. I am forming a rally in the Jewish communities of Milwaukee and Chicago if you don’t let our people seek refuge in America. If the people on the St. Louis can’t get to anywhere safe they have to go back to Nazi Germany and will most likely face death. I have contacted some Jews I know all over the Milwaukee and Chicago area who are willing to take in 35 families. We will also pay for the expenses to get the passengers to safety and we will pay for everything they need. Please, President Roosevelt, let these passengers come to safety.