This week

This week I learned about sharks and I dyed my hair blue.  In math, I learned about graphs.  I learned about chocolate and how to tell time on a real clock.  Thank you for the basket and for Flat Dowling!


it is strefol to do all of the zooms. but I do to enewas. I miss school so mach I am so sad that we will not be going back to school this year!


We had a Purim carnival I got a toy I love it. and I went to Hillel we made trets for Hillel and they made one for as. we also played bingo it was really fan!!

Flat stanley.

We made a persin and we calerd it we are going to send it to sumbty in a difrent cantry or city. flat stanley is flat. I am going to send it to my casis. it is going to be fun to get sumthig in the mail.