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Wonder . Empathy . Tikkun Olam

February 14, 2020
by halpren25

Wrinkle in time

Wrinkle in Time was an amazing experience! I loved it so much! I definitely would recommend it. It was very different from the movie. Overall I enjoyed the movie more then the play, but if you like change I think you would like it even more than the movie! The play was performed by First Stage.

The reason I like the movie more is because there where more details it the movie.

February 3, 2020
by halpren25

Caste System

My opinion of the caste system is…

That it is wrong that people are judging other people by their castes, we are all people. The only difference between a higher caste person and a lower caste person is a title.My only question is why would people do this to other people???   It is wrong and pointless and that is a fact. I am focusing this post on how human beings are doing this to other human beings. Just because you are in a lower caste doesn’t mean you are not as good as someone else in a higher caste.

November 18, 2019
by jvoras
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