Number the Stars Reflection

a) What do you think is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars? I think The most important lesson to learn from this book is to learn about what was happening during those times and how that should not be repeated and that the holocaust was not a good thing.


b) Do you think that Number the Stars has anything to teach us about the protests going on right now? If so, what? I don’t know if it was really like that because in this case it was because of a dictator but they are also both based on unfair systems. I think that this is just something that shouldn’t happen again.


c) What is the most memorable Jewish studies work or project you did this year? Why? I liked the Passover presentations and the walkthrough for the kindergarteners even though we could only walk through it because it was a lot of fun to create all of it.


d) If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be? I think that it is a great book and that you will probably enjoy it. I would just read it with the group because if you finish the book or go ahead then you might spoil it or say something ahead of where the group is reading.


My personal mishkan

I picked my pool room because it is very special. The pool table feels very much alike to the Mishkan because the pool table feels like the gold and jewelry in the Mishkan. I also picked this because it is like the holy place for me but not as holy and in my house. I also think it is very safe and I feel safe in it because it’s in my house and we go up there a lot.


Summing up the Zionist Congress

The congress went very well and was very fun to be part of. The format was very easy to answer and made it fun because it did not make us feel pressured if we didn’t know the answer. We all made very good food and my group made an Apple Crumble. It was very good so during lunch AJ and me finished the whole thing in just 10 minutes. The most challenging part was presenting because we only had 3 minutes to present our whole slideshow. I learned that depending on what country they are, they have problems and good things that were happening in the 1880’s. Anti-semitism was WAY less of a problem then now because of people’s views on Judaism.

Before the chicken

I liked the Chicken plans because we had enough time to get everything and we could get lots of work done on our mummifying process. It got me prepared for the actual mummification process by helping us know the materials and the procedure. We did a good job and my group is done with all of the chicken plans and I think we will a good team and we will make a good chicken.

Golf Ball Challenge

Today we did our golf ball challenge in ETC. My group was Mbernstein22 and me. My group made a similar project to yesterday but we added more support. We made our container by adding no base but added sides and a roof. I think we needed WAY more straws and WAY more tape. Our group didn’t succeed but we had good attitudes and we did good.

Update on Math Tutorial

Last week, we had the chance to give each other feedback on our tutorials. Based on the feedback I got, if I were to do this tutorial again this is what I would do differently. If I would turn my final answer into a mixed number, It would look like this 1 and 3/15. Next time I would also explain the math vocabulary a little more.


Adding Fractions with unlike denominators Tutorial

Last week we learned how to add fractions with unlike denominators. Me and ngoldenberg23’s question is 4/5 + 6/15.

First, you have to find the least common multiple. That will be your denominator for adding.Then you have to find the denominator. Our denominator is 15 because 3×5 is 15 and it is also the denominator of 6/15 which is one of our numbers. Finally, you add 6/15 + 12/15 which is 18/15 so that is your answer. 15

ETC reflection blog

Thinking back to all of the challenges we have worked on, what growth have you seen in yourself so far, as well as others? I think that I have gotten better with teamwork because the last two times we did challenges everyone in my group’s voice was heard and we worked well together. Something that I think I work on is sharing more ideas because in the first couple of challenges I didn’t share enough ideas and it was mostly my group that was doing most of the work.