Knights were soldiers.  Knight rode horses and wore armor.  Boys left  home at 7 years old to start their training.  It took 14 years to become a knight.  Each knight had a coat of arms to know who was who.

The Money Factory

Dirty money goes to the BEP.  They try to put money back tog there. They use tweezers and glue and tape.They find out the value and then send it back.

NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft was last month.  I was so happy!  The first pick was Joe Burrow.  He went to the Bengals.  My guess is they will at least get a record of 8-9 versus 2-14 last season.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is one of the best baseball museums in the world. There is a 120 foot tall bat outside that is an exact replica of Babe Ruth’s bat.  8,000+ players have signed plaques for the        signature wall.  They make the Silver Slugger awards and send them to Read More…


I like to play Madden football on my iPad.  It is fun because I get to be in the NFL.  My favorite player is PATRICK MAHOMES!  All of the players have ratings.  The best rating is 100.


we watched a zoo online.  They feed animals.  They show different animals every day.  Sloths fur is green in in the wild.  They don’t smell good!