How is my school day different?

My school day is a lot different now. The most obvious thing is that I don’t actually drive to school and instead stay home all day. In terms of time, I probably work on school at home for around 3 hours a day. At school I’m probably learning for around 5 hours a day. The last difference is that teachers aren’t always able to help you immediately so that kind of delays all of your wor,.


I think an example of a good leader is Martin Luther King Jr. I think he’s a good leader because he tried to lead a community using non-violent methods. He fought for what he believed in using words, not war.


I contacted a relative of mine to ask them who they thought was a good leader. They said Barack Obama because he made the right decisions and was very good with people.


These leaders are like Joshua because they are brave and they care about the people they lead.

Picture Prompts

Below I’ve strung together several series of images representing a popular saying. It is up to you to guess what the sayings are. I got all of my images from pixabay.














How to make your own images

If you find yourself needing your own images for a project, one of my favorite resources is Google drawings. It might not be realistic, but if you give it a decent amount of effort, usually you’re able to come up with something that resembles what you were trying to show. Below is an image of a tree that I made on Google drawings.


Not All Pictures Are Good Pictures

When you search for an image to use in a slideshow or your school project you choose the first image you find from google, right? WRONG! Not all pictures are free to be used by the public. In fact, most images are protected by copyright, meaning you can’t use them without the owner’s permission.

When you use an image for your own work you have to make sure it isn’t protected by copyright and it’s free for you to use it. If not, you might end up having to pay the owner money.

Civic Engagement

  • What forms does civic participation come in?

You can really do anything. You can write an email. You can protest. You can spread the word on social media. You can have fundraisers. You can donate and many more things.

  • Why does civic engagement matter?

Because without civic engagement no one gets their opinions heard and everyone at the top just thinks everything is fine. It lets people know you have a problem with something.

My Interpretation of the 4 Children

For Jewish Studies, I was instructed to draw what I think the 4 children of Passover look like. Here is what I drew.

I drew more simplistic designs because in the song the characters are only represented by about a paragraph each and aren’t really fleshed out or anything like that. They represent one thing so I made it clear in my drawing which thing each of them represented. I drew the wicked one red because red is associated with evil sometimes. I drew the wise one with a halo because he is treated like an angel. The simple one I drew a simple drawing. For the one who did not know how to ask I tried to draw him a little shy.

An Interview with a Doctor

For Jewish studies, I had to interview someone whose work is sacrificing for the greater good and since my dad is a doctor I chose him.


What are you doing to aid the people in this time of need?

I am still seeing my patients and making improvements to how I treat my patients so that they can stay safe.

How has your work changed?

Our work has been turned upside down. We are relying more on the telephone and video visits and the stress that everyone is under dealing with this new disease is significant.

How are you protecting yourself from the virus?

We are using personal protective equipment when needed. We are using physical distancing in our clinics. We are avoiding giving our patients therapies that may reduce their immune systems if possible.