number the stars

If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be? that the book is vary instresting.

a) What do you think is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars?to help your frends when they are ineed

 What is the most memorable Jewish studies work or project you did this year? Why    this poruject becuse it is a inpourted part of are histery

Problem and Solution Text Structure

We are learning about nonfiction text structures in ELA. Today we focused on Problem & Solution. After reading a problem and solution example, I wrote my own. Here it is:


My problem is that my chair broke and I need to do homework.  My solutions are I can take more time to find a clipboard or I can stand. Then I can fix the chair or I can fix the chair before I do my homework. But then I can’t watch a show before dinner. I hope I can fix my problem soon.

Rube Reflection


What about this project went well for you?

I think that I did well in creating it because I had Ideas that help us set it up faster.

What about this project went well for your group?

I think we did well in being flexible because we change the original plan a lot.

What would you change if you did the project again?

I would want more time because we always built it then cleaned up and had no time. We did not have a lot of time to document and that was our goal for the quarter.

Musical Tiffla

In tiffla we are takeing keva (keva means turdishinle) prars from the Amidah and turn the prar in to a kovana (kovana means new) prar. Me and Elippman23 tuck the pray for koowledge and add the tune from hart and sole a corter way throw we relisd it was not working so we tuck the tune of hart and sole and change are prar to the furst one which is Ancestors. I would want to do this agin now that I have back round Knowledge.

Scientific Explanation Based on Experiment

The apple took longer to decompose than the petal and raspberries. According to our experiment the apple did not change on day 1 and 3 but it did on day 8. On day 8 blue mold started to form on the apple (about 10% of it was covered). This means that since it is bigger it takes longer to form mold so you can see it. Another example is on day 3 the petal and raspberries were completely decomposed, but the apple was still the same exact size since day 1. This shows that the smaller it is the faster it decomposes and the bigger one takes a lot longer to decompose. In conclusion, the bigger the plant is the longer it takes for it to get moldy.

Before the Chicken

How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project? Good I know exsactle what to do.

What has been most helpful to you in this process? The resurch becuse it helped me fined what I needed to help me in class. 

How can Gev. Noorlander help you in the future work of this project? She can help me by makeing shere I’m doing everything write.

How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you? So if I mess up thay can help me relas it.

What do you feel most comfortable with this project? Why? Ashly doing it becusse we have so much resurch so I know to do when do it.

Golf Ball Challenge

Going through the same challenge twice made my team think of more ways to try and do it better. This was good because we had more time. This allowed us to get to know each other better as teammates. We know how we all think and how to work well together. I felt a lot more successful today because it felt good to work with a team where I felt comfortable. I met my teamwork goal to make sure everyone was included. Today ZM joined in more than last time. I think these challenges are fun. I’m learning and getting to work with a team and having fun.


(Typed by Gev. Kimmel – thoughts and words from ESattler23)