My week!!!

I had a awesome week. I did a art project it was make your own fairy doll! And I did a project called make your own mermaid doll! And I had fun doing art class on zoom! I played water games with my bother Peyton. And I played with the hose. Peyton came to play Read More…

My week!

This week I wort a story about my secret. I was not my real secret. And I played outside. I also got a matching bike bells with Hannah! And me and Hannah road on are bikes together! And I read the book Poppy And The Maine Mania! And I read the book TheĀ  Magic Puppy! Read More…

My Week!!!

I read the book Puppies Big Day. And I Read the book Poppy And The Main Mania. I also made my own chalk paint. When I was done I poured the paint out on the drive way and made a swirl! We are reading Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci.  

My week

I learned about my 3rd cousin Bob Dylan. From a book called Who Is Bob Dylan. I also did really well on my plurals and math this week. I had a goal to make myself proud, and I did! I miss school but I love seeing friends on zoom.

Earth Day!!!/The Water princess!!!

Distant learning was fun this week! I met the author of The Water Princess and got to ask her questions about water in Africa! I also think it’s cool thatĀ  she is Presley’s godmother. Also, it was earth day. For art, I wrote a sign on the driveway in all different colors. I used blue, Read More…

My Interesting Week

I had a good week! My uncle gave me his old iPad for distant learning. I get to keep it now! I decorated a hat with jewels and sharpies. I started a perler bead project.

My Week!!!

I am having a lot of fun at home. I am doing a lot of art projects. Yesterday, I made a headband holder out of an oatmeal container. I also made a pen holder from a different container. I decorated them with fun kinds of paper with stripes and different designs. I also made a Read More…


At school we celebrate Purim. We saw a magic show. We went to a carnival and got prizes. We went to Hillel and exchanged Mishloach Manot. We went to the therd graders and played bingo. Purim was so fun!!!

Audubon center

We went to the Audubon Center. It was so fun. We made necklaces out of wood. We saw how to make maple syrup. We saw how to make sap into maple syrup. It takes 10 hours to make. We did a scavenger hunt. The filled trip was so fun!