Week #9

Today I am doing my blog a week ago I did my nonfiction writing report it was about soccer.The math was kind of hard but I got threw it.I liked the suffixes.I liked this week it was fun I also played soccer and baseball.BY!!

Week #8

On Thursday I do hebrew with adon paler.I read a book.On Monday and Wednesday and Friday I do writing with adon wolf.I do hand writing work sheets about sport.I also do kahoot and Sudoku. I also do cross word puzzles.

Week #8

Today I am doing my blog. last week after blog I got a shout out from rabbi Shaller. I paneted and wachted ratatoioo. I sleped the lasted I have ever sleped till eight o’clock and played soccer.

Week #7 Stay at home

At home I am having fun with work! I am doing reading writing. math soicel stuideis and many more. I am doing well and learning! THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME!!! I made slushi’s.  I played soccer and  football.  I am hopefully being good and have fun at field day. I wish I could see you Read More…

Week #3

I am doing a lot of things in class I am doing gym,hebrew,math,jewish studies,reading,writing there is a lot of fun at home!I MISS YOU!

what I wish I could do

today I wish I could have a play date with Riley.wait what if I could go bowling with my dad.there would be a million thing,s  to do with are class  but right now we can,t.But…We can still zoom and see are class mates.


On Purim we had a great day . First we read the Migilah it was really long.After the Migilah we made Meshloach manot  for  hillel.Then we did bingo with 3rd grade.Then we did the Purim carnival!I had fun with Purim.


Audubam Center is a nature place.we made a spile neklace that was made with sumak wood.We also went outside and did a scavinger hunt. we found liqwid water it was very muddy water like in Kenya ware thiers muddy water.we saw that the sqirl was eating someones chair. We were seeing how the  sap was Read More…