Jewish Studies 4/3/2020

I drew this picture with different styles of the 4 characters and colors to show bad or good of them. The “yellowed” they are, the wiser they are. I have always thought of the kid who can’t ask exactly like a baby so I drew a baby for him. The wise one I made very yellow as I said why before. The evil kid I made darker to show how mean and evil he is. The innocent kid I made very small because he has a whole world of questions ahead of him. I hope you like the picture!


Shabbat Shalom!


JS 3/26/2020

These past few weeks have been horrible. Tom Hanks, Rudy Gobert, Donavon Mitchell, and KD and examples of people who have coronavirus which is unbearable. If only we could have stopped it before it closed our schools and people’s works. Now all that’s left is our houses which get very boring. Can’t wait until this is over.

Ester Chapter 6 and 7

The king wanted to give thanks to the Mordecai because he helped him not get killed. But Haman thought he was talking about him so he told him to give him the king’s horse and go around town being thanked. So Haman helped move the horse even though he hated Mordecai. Then Ester told the king about what Haman was planning to do, and the King hung Haman where they were going to hang Mordecai.

Rube Goldberg Reflection

What about this project went well for you?

My group was very nice. I knew them all so well that we worked so good together. We all did the work that we were good at.

What about this project went well for your group? Because we already knew each other well, it was very easy to work together. Also, one of the kids in my group knew how to do all of the woodworking things so that went very well.

What would you change if you did the project again?

If I did this project again, I would have liked to have more time so that we could have improved the things that wouldn’t work. I think I would also have liked to try it with people who I don’t hang out with a lot because that would be a fun challenge.

Purim SWBST- Chap. 4-5

Haman wanted to kill all the Jews on the 13th of Adar. But, Mordecai told Queen Ester and she told them to tear their clothes and fast for 3 days. So Mordecai convinced Queen Ester to tell the King that she would have a feast with him and Haman. Then Haman went home and his wife and friends told him the next day, he should tell the king to hang Mordecai on a 50 cubits high stake.

Food Web Reflection

  • What are some things you are wondering after completing this activity? I wonder if some animals could completely change where they live and what they eat if they had no food where they used to live? I also wonder if it’s possible to bring back a species after they got extinct and make them have an even bigger population and maybe make them eat something different like evolve them?
  • What happened after the yellow perch were eliminated from the food web? The animals that I had where very impacted in this because they ate yellow perch. But, they also had so much other food that it didn’t matter if one fish died cause they had so many other preys. But still, a few of my strings collapsed but even though, they still had a lot of food to eat after.Displaying Nov 19, 2019 at 8:40 AM.JPG