Student Blogging Challenge #6


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What is school like now for you/compared to before?

School was usually pretty simple, it was a lot of walking down the halls of the building moving from class to class. Ocasionally our classes would have fun activities to do. The other thing was that we had a class called Omanut at the end of the day of every Tuesday and Thursday. This class was essentially a choice period. At the beginning of the year we would choose activities we would do for Omanut for each quarter of school. Then this Corona virus thing happened and now we are all stuck at home. Online school is a lot of calling and messaging teachers and checking google classroom for every assignment. And while its not as exciting as normal school we just have to remember that our teachers are trying REALLY hard to make sure that we are comfortable with this online thing.

Student Blogging Challenge #3


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Okay so your doing this project EX: slideshow about a place) and you need pictures for your slides. Well here is what to do and what not to do:

DON’T DO: Look up a picture and cut and paste it, take a picture of a picture.

DO: Draw a picture, make a picture using google drawings or canva.

anyway here is a picture I made.

Part 5: write a story


One day a little boy woke up and sat in his chair being bored everyday of quarantine. Then suddenly a company called Nintendo released a new game for their console called animal crossing new horizons. Suddenly the boy perked up. He quickly ordered the game and tried it out. During his progress he found that there was a custom design app. The boy just happened to love a certain bright orange hoodie he wore all the time. He quickly opened the function and re-created his hoodie in the game. Now the boy is happy!

Hint: (This is actually me)

Raised Garden Bed


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1. What is a raised garden bed?

A Raised garden bed is essentially a garden but on stilts so it will be like a table. This is so weeds cannot enter the grow bed.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school?

I think we should build a raised garden bed at our school because they are cheap and easy. They are also just as a effective as lot’s of other things except for the fact that they may need to be inside a green house during cold weather.
3. How should we build a raised garden bed at our school?
See the source image

4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best.

I like this design because

Who I am as an avatar


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When you see my avatar you might ask, where did he make that avatar? But the truth is I made it myself! This is how I draw myself in all my drawings!

I chose the avatar this way because I think that first off the :3 face is adorable and I also think it represents my crazy hair pretty well. I think that it also represents my personality itself.

The super power I would want this guy to have is probably to fly because I would love to be able to fly. It sounds like so much fun!

Since I drew this I can only give you what I used to draw it. I used a software called paint 3d.

How to help close the hunger gap


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1. Explain what the four factors of poverty are and how they impact one’s life.

The four factors are: Health, Education, Family and Housing and Geography. All of them connect to eachother and eventually lead into poverty if the amount of each is low conditions.

2. Explain how the cycle of poverty works.

The cycle of poverty goes like this: First you start happy healthy with a nice life. Then you end up getting very sick or break something so you now have t stay at the hospital for a while. This makes you get less money from your job because you are not there and less money leads to poverty.

3. How do we help people get healthy food cheaply (make sure your answer is realistic)?

We ask farmers to start hiring assistants so we can start harvesting crops more efficiently and get more food from crops before they all die out. We could also start more farms for more people who need jobs so we can grow more crops.

What government policy suggestions do you have?

Maybe we need to ask the government to put in some money to start all those new farms.

What changes can you/we make to help?

Build a greenhouse. With a greenhouse or multiple greenhouses, we can grow food for the local community. Then we can also donate supplies to places like the hunger task force.

Defend your answer.

If we can’t get enough money to start real farms we have to start small. Using a greenhouse we can get started with farming jobs and once we have enough money we can make it bigger and grow more crops.

If I were on SNAPS…


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1. What is SNAPS?

Snaps is a program that helps people without food or people with not enough money to get food to get food.

2. What is the average monthly benefit for someone on SNAPS?

The average monthly benefit is $256

3. On average, I spend $27 on food per week.

4. My life would be different if I were on SNAPS because…

Then I would be able to afford more food and not die of starvation.

Cycle Of Poverty


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1. What factors can lead to poverty?

Health is one of the factors because health conditions can usually affect poverty. Education is one because of certain situations where people can’t say the right words or the right explanation. Housing and Family are one because the shelter can affect your health and health goes into poverty if your condition is bad. Geography is one because where you are also affects your health condition. for example, if you are homeless you are weak to the cold so you may get sick faster.
2. What circumstances can fuel long-term poverty?

Things that go over a year. So things like a prison. Things like health conditions. I definitely know that Diabetes is very long term.
3. How can poverty affect succeeding generations?

It can make people not have so much success in life. If your family is poor then you as a child are poor and do not have money to pay for your own personal needs. Also, you wouldn’t have anyone else in your family with any more money. Not even grandparents.
4. Which members of our society suffer most?

I say this with great sorrow but the people with dark skin suffer the most. A lot of people still do not accept black people into our world. Because of this, they are thrown out on the streets with no homes. They are left to rot.

Calssroom Economy – Summary of Learning


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  • As someone in this experience, tell your story.  Describe your experience. Tell us about the highs and the lows.  What were your major takeaways? What did you learn? How did you like it?  Be sure to explain your answers.



At the beginning of this unit, everyone was given a random number and got to pick a random number. Each random number had one job under the number so picking jobs was totally random. I picked the CEO of an environmental company. They called me the Chief Environmental Officer. I started as what I thought was just a simple job. My job was to make sure that garbage goes in the garbage bin and recycling goes in the recycling bin. Any time someone was caught by me putting something in the wrong bin I would get to fine them. $25 per piece of waste in the wrong bin. Later in this economy, we as the class discussed how CEO’s get 360 times more pay than the average person. I and my good friend Stella just happened to be CEO. Adon Kaufman then raised both of our paychecks to a whopping 84,000 dollars! After hearing the rest of my abilities I opened jobs for my company. Sadly before I could even get them started the economy unit was over. This unit overall was a great unit and I am glad I was able to take part in it.



  • How did your character’s role/situation in the game affect your ability to take care of yourself?  Think about your income, job, rent, the amount of money you had, any loans you took out, and your health situation.



My character’s role in the game helped me in this unit because my job is one that got paid a lot. For rent, I chose one of the more expensive seats so that affected me a little bit at the beginning when I didn’t make 84,000 dollars. My health situation was fine. I did not have Diabetes and I did not have Hypertension. The amount of money I soon had changed everything. I was very very wealthy. Soon after my first 84,000 dollar paycheck, I had no problems what so ever. I was RICH.



  • What aspects of your character’s life encouraged success?  What aspects of your character’s life brought about failure?  Explain how that process worked.



The main aspect of my life that encouraged success was my paycheck. It was very very large and I didn’t have much to worry about because I had enough to pay for like a year of this unit. One thing that brought some failure was my character’s ability to write checks. During the unit at some points, I would write a check wrong and I would get fined at least 100 dollars. Keep in mind this is when I didn’t get 84,000 a week and I only got 670 a week. It got a little bit constant and I ended up losing a lot of money. I also was accused of level 1 crime and was sentenced to jail for 2 lunch periods. The reason being that my P and L statement was not completely updated and I didn’t have the amount I actually had.



  • What attempts did you make to improve your character’s life?  How successful were these attempts? How difficult were those attempts and why?



A Common thing I tried to do (After my raise) was to try to create some jobs for my company. I only ended up hiring two people and by the time I came up with another job idea the economy unit was over. I also tried to be as helpful as possible and to help the environment as that is what my character does. These were very difficult because coming up with job ideas isn’t very easy. It had been almost 3 weeks since when I created my first job that I found a second job idea. Neither of them was very successful and even if I started actually paying the unit would have already been over.



  • In bullet points, write a list of what you learned about poverty from this activity.  Be sure to include a brief description next to each item about what you learned, explaining your learning/thinking.


  • Main topic: How Real Life economy works
  • Eviction – Forced to leave your house
  • Minimum wage – The minimum amount of money you get paid in a state or country
  • Raises – What is it like to get a raise?
  • CEO’s – Chief Executive Officer
  • What it is like to get a job – It is a little stressful…

Spool Racer Blog Post #1


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1. What do you like about your initial design?

I liked how we thought about how we can keep the vehicle moving. I think that our idea would work really well if we actually knew how to do it.

2. What has been challenging about the initial design?

Most of the properties or details of the sketch did not make it in. Also, the spool was much more different than I had imagined so the materials didn’t work so well.

3. How well did your racer perform in the first race? Did it go far? Fast?

It did not go very fast or very far but it surprised me. My partner and I were both thinking there was no way this would work. Later when we tested it we were surprised that it actually went a pretty far distance.

4. How will you modify your design for the second race? What variables do you feel will affect how far and fast the racer goes? Why?

We think we have the correct design just the wrong materials. We are essentially going to upgrade our design so that the body is made of wood and not cardboard.

5. What have been your strengths and challenges during the design process?

One strength I had was I could always come up with smart ideas. that brings me to the problem. I didn’t know how to implement the changes.

6. What questions do you have?

Why is something that is not a car allowed to race? I thought it was a challenge where you needed to build a car!


Unequal Pay


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1. How did you feel when you realized there was such an unequal pay amount between workers and bosses?

I will be honest, I never really thought about it. I always thought “Hey I got lucky! I get paid 670 a week!” but I never knew anything about CEO’s getting 360 times more money than the average pay, no sir! I am very happy but my immediate reaction was to bring up donations to people because I now have an insane amount of money and I am a person who is known for doing good deeds, that is my job.

2. Why does unequal pay between workers and bosses happen?

The pay that happens for these two jobs is because bosses need more money to pay more money. As a CEO (In the real world) it means that you are the owner of a humongous company. For me my company is kind of like team trees. it is known around the world for helping the environment. The CEO’s need more money to pay the workers that work underneath that person. The CEO must hire workers to do different smaller jobs and it is their responsibility to pay them. not the bank.

3. What is a realistic solution to prevent such unequal pay from happening in the future?

Maybe we can have the person who gets the most amount of pay must donate to at least half of the class a good amount so that those people can pay the bills easier. We need to take charge of how much money we own and we need to be generous with it and we need to create smaller jobs underneath the CEO.

4. What is one topic that has interested you thus far and why is it interesting to you (ex: evictions, utility meters, unequal pay, taxes, rent).

Taxes have probably been the most interesting thing for me. It is interesting to think that when you buy something you are essentially getting money stolen from you and taken to the government and is then spent on making the country greater and more inhabitable. I think that it was very interesting to learn about these even though most of the lesson was from my parents and my math teacher.

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