Problem and Solution

In ELA we are practicing P and S, Here is an example:

Yoshi (Mario player) is eating everything, even people. That is a problem because the population is going down and down. I have some ideas on how to solve this problem. We could politely ask him to stop and eat other organisms or we could keep him in captivity and feed him BUNNIES. Which choice do you think is better? Say it in the comments

Rube Goldberg Reflection Blog

What about this project went well for you?

Something that went well for me is that I helped come up with good ideas and solutions. Like when I found a solution for the bumpers on the ramp.

 What about this project went well for your group? 

Something that went well is that my group was good at improvising, so we almost always succeeded.

What would you change if you did the project again? 

Nothing we had fun!

Scientific Explanation Based on Experiment

100 mL of water helps more mold grow rather than 0 mL or 200 mL. We tested how mold grows on raspberries depending on how much water it had. We only changed how much water each raspberry got so we could see how water affected the mold on the raspberries. On day 8 the raspberry in 100 ml of water was ¾ covered in mold. The other two jars were only ½ covered in mold.  This is because mold can not grow well in too much water or not enough water. It has been proven by farmers that too much water can kill corn, soybeans and many other plants, since mold is a living organism to much water can kill mold too so can not enough water.

Before the Chicken Blog

  • How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project? 

I have made plans for material lists.

  • What has been most helpful to you in this process?

Gev. Norlander

  • How can Gev. Noorlander will help you in the future work of this project?  

I Don’t know

  • How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you?

Because If I get something wrong they can help me.

  • What do you feel most comfortable with this project? Why?


ETC Golf Ball Challenge

How did going through the same challenge twice change your planning?

Me and my team at the first time we wasted our materials but in the second one we used them wisely and were not messing around
How did the chance to try again make you feel?

How did the chance to try again help your team? Hurt your team?

In this one, our plan worked.
What have you learned about yourself as a team member?

Yes, now I know that participating is what I should do.
Would you like to try past challenges again?


Chicken Mummification

How did your research guide your plan?

I used the step by step and the material list for my plan.

What new information did you find as you planned?

My step by step and material list.

How do you think this plan will work with your group members?


How can you make sure every person’s voice is heard in the group?

By combining our plans.