Dirt trails

Me and my family have been Riding are bikes. a lot we really like riding on dirt trails. It is right next to the river and one day we lost our mom I was shard but we fond her. 

Having fun

I have fun with my friends every day. We bounce on my trampoline and ride bikes 🚴🏼 And play games 🏉. My friend just got a New bike 🥳 I am too now we can ride together faster. I can’t wait to hear what all of you have been doing over the weekend I hope Read More…


On  Purim I was Ash from pokemon. We played bingo. We gave Mishloach Manot to Hillel. We wet to the carnival I got 2 prizes. We watched magic. It was fun!


We went to Audubon.We made spile necklace. We had a scavenger hunt. We saw how sap becomes syrup.we had pancakes. We had pickles and maple syrup. it was fun.

100 day

Yesterday was the 100th day of school! also I finished my animal.I am almost don with my soccer study. I hope  you can see our global experience on Monday.

Kenya sports

I am learning  about sports in Kenya with Benjamin. We are learning about 2 main sports they are soccer and track.They are Kenya’s mote propeller sports.


We are making paper-mache animals. I am making a Lion. I have a research page. Rite now the withd is  30 cm and the height is 17 cm. I hop it is fun.

Marin L K

Marin L K was born on January 15 1929.He marred Coretta Scott. They had 4 kids.  He wanted blacks and whites to be treated the same way.