Who is Joshua?

Summary- Joshua was one of the 12 Spies that got sent over to what will be Israel to see if it’s safe for the Jews to go there but he was also Moses’s number one helper. Little does Joshua, no but he was also the next leader of the Israelites for when Moses died.  Joshua became a very great leader he was very much appreciated and very respected much more than most of the Jews could ever say about Moses while going through the desert. After  Joshua led the Jews into Canaan he later died in 1245 BC but the jews still had a great life. 

Deeper meaning- The Jews didn’t really like or understand how Moses was leading them so they probably were very happy that Moses died and now a good leader like Joshua’s taking over but Joshua was really like scared to take over and be in charge of hundreds and hundreds of people and make sure everyone was okay and safe so I think the deeper meaning is treated others how you want to be treated because Joshua felt bad that Moses died and he was sad and he was like mad all that stuff but he was still taking care of the Jews because that was his job and that was what he was entrusted to do when Moses died. 

Relevance to the modern world- A practical life lesson I see in this chapter is some really good leadership skills.

My School day now

My school day usually consists of a very short day just because I wake up early and then start almost right away in the morning. My schedule usually changes but this my schedule usually:

-Social Studies


-Jewish Studies


– Math


They are not always in that order but that is like a generalization of my schedule.

But now I like school more because I get to chose my schedule instead of before I was stuck in a boring classroom all day.



Who do I think is a leader: I think a leader is my Grandma because I have always looked up to her and even now when I can’t talk to her and I still look up to her and know that she will be my leader and inspiration.

Who is my Grandpa’s leader: His leader was either his Dad or his Brother.

These answers are different then what we learned about Joshua because these are people that we love ad are dear to us and helped us through life as far as they could while Joshua isn’t like that.

Blogs I read:

The blogs I read:


Student Blog Challenge💜



Facts I learned:

  • I learned that Olive has blonde hair and green eyes (I have green eyes).
  • I learned that Emily lives in Adelaide, Australia and is in 6th grade.
  • I learned that Kenzie changed her avatar from her dog to a personal portrait avatar.

The Four Sons BY: Bree

These are my depictions of the Four Sons.  so the evil son looks like a double because I picture any devil to be evil and since he is evil I added some stereotypical mean things I added a skull on his shirt and some fire above his head and one of those devil Spears and a devil tail gave him some yellow teeth because those are some bad things.  for the innocent child I think that babies are the most Innocent but I also thought that flowers and angels are also very innocent so I can buy in the mall and did a little baby inside a little bear onesie surrounded by flowers with a flower crown and an angel loop on top of his head and also put some fun on top of his head cuz I feel like Sunrise is very magical and innocent and I put a little one hair coming down and it was because I think that cute things are innocent so I just had to fit that in there.  the wise child is wearing a blue graduation cap and he has staff a big gray beard and a diploma in his hand because those are some things that make up a wise person in my mind and then there’s also a like grade A eggs are showering down around him because that’s what like I feel like grades would be for a wise person and I also researched and blue is the most “ smart color to represent Smart Things”. and the child that asks no questions as a bunch of question marks around him that have x’s over them because he asks no questions and he’s just a basic child with some closing and some shoes and some hair.


Civic Engagement

  • What forms does civic participation come in? Civic Participation ranges from individual volunteerism, community engagement efforts, organizational involvement and government work such as electoral participation.
  • Why does civic engagement matter? Civic Engagement matters because you are helping the community.

Mishkan vs My Mishkan (Hint:Comfy spot!!!)

This my Comfy Mishkan. This is no regular Comfy Miishkan it is a heated recliner Mishkan (How advanced). It is at my Grandpa’s house it is my favorite thing to sit in. There are 2 very special items withing my Comfy Mishkan #1 being that brown bear that bear was a gift from some of my favorite people (My Camp Besties) while they were visiting from Chicago for a big event for one of our friends, and #2  being that grey card next to the bear that card is a card from a very special person to me and they live very far away (like he lives in Virginia and I live in Wisconsin far. you now what I’m saying?) when I read that card it makes me feel loved and special so it is one of the most special things I own.

Raised Garden Beds

1. What is a raised garden bed? A raised garden bed is a box that can be any size and it is used to hold various types of plants.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school? We should build a raised garden bed because they protect our plants from any pests or animals.
3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school? There is a lot of heat and the water drains very fast. But, we also don’t really have to worry about heat levels in Wisconsin.Copy and paste a photo of the prototypical (best one in your mind) design of a raised garden bed.

This is the TROUGH DESIGN.

Trough Gardens

4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best. I think this is the best idea for our raised garden bed because it maximizes the number of plants and food we can grow if we get big troughs.

About me!!!!!

  1. Your first name. My name is Bree
  2. Your approximate location (even just state or country). I live in Wisconsin.
  3. Your age or grade level. I am 12 and I am in the 7th grade.
  4. What activity you like doing most on Sunday morning. I like to watch movies and be with friends.
  5. What superpowers you would like to have and why. I would like to fly, teleport, Laser eyes, super speed, and super strength.
  6. Explaining if you would rather be a wizard or a superhero. Superhero because then you can save the day.
  7. Your favorite song right now and why! I don’t have a favorite song but I love a lot of different songs.
  8. Three fun facts about yourself. I play a lot of sports. I sing and act. I go to an overnight camp that is 5 hours away for 8 weeks in the summer and it is my 5th year going.
  9. What your blog is all about. Tell us what you’ll be writing about. My blog is full of school posts.
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