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May 11, 2020
by bfox24

The bank robbery

 I love Hollywood. The best part about it is saving lives and protecting the people that need to be protected. Well, I guess I should go and make breakfast for me. That egg was so delicious! Now let’s see who else needs to be saved. That’s my job, I save people from danger. I look out my window with my telescope. I see a girl waving her hands in the air and it looks like she is yelling for help. That means someone must need saving. I think to myself,  I guess I have to go and save her because that’s my job and I love it!

The girl was near the bank and she was screaming for help. My super speed gets me to the bank in less than 30 seconds, I ran like a flash of lightning.

I asked the girl and she said someone is robbing the bank and all the guards were taken out . He he he he he he he!  I recognize that voice anywhere it is Joker. He must be robbing the bank. I must stop him before he steals all the money. Joker come out, come out wherever you are, I yell.  Ah there you are, I see you high up in the window.  I went speeding through the hall and up 3 flights of stairs to the big safe where Joker was about to bomb his way into the safe. I quickly ran past Joker and grabbed the bomb out of his hands before he could light it. And then I ran all the way to jail.  Joker was right behind me following in his joker mobile.. I led him straight to a jail cell where the police locked him up. You must feel really dumb that you were tricked to coming into the jail cell,I said. Joker you are no match for me.      



                                                  The end

April 6, 2020
by bfox24

the day before school

Trapped in my cold, dark house because of the coronavirus all I can do is sit like a couch potato, do work and play baseball. It is so boring watching T.V like I am a zombie.

I am so happy that tomorrow I can play with my friends.


Ok, one day left until I can go and play with my friends but until then let’s eat popcorn and watch the Simpsons until it is time for bed.


First, I’m going to get my blankets, stuffed animals. Next, I will put popcorn into the microwave” POP! POP! POP! Wow, it sounds like a chicken exploding. Now I will pour the whole popcorn bag into the bowl add a little salt. Now my popcorn is ready to go. Now let’s turn on the Simpsons movie and get to relaxation.                      

 Ah, the delicious smell of popcorn



                                 6 hours later 



“What was that?” I yelled.  “Oh it was you, dad, what did you want?” “It is time for dinner,” dad said. Oh yay, I forgot about that well I guess I am coming. Let me just pause silly Simpson movie. Ben get out here, my mom yelled from the kitchen! “Ok, I am coming.” 


I run into the kitchen and see we are having pasta with garlic bread and sauce. For dessert, we are having ice cream with sprinkles, flavored syrup, whipped cream, and my favorite cherries that are for the top!!  I quickly grab the cherries and pop them into my mouth. Yummy, yum yum I said! Well thank you for the dinner. It was spectacular. 


                                   2 hours later


“Ben,” dad said, “it is bedtime go brush your teeth and I will be up in a minute.” “DAD I am ready for bed”! Coming! “Alright, Ben good night don’t let the bedbugs bite.” “Ok I won’t let them bite me. Good night “good night!” I can’t sleep, I lie awake thinking about seeing my friends tomorrow. 

March 3, 2020
by bfox24

Jacobs dream

1. What is Jacob’s Hebrew name? Yakov

2. Why was Jacob leaving? (2 Reasons) Esaav was going to kill him and he tricked him

3. What happened in Jacob’s dream?

There was a ladder with angels going up and down with God talking to him.
4. Why is this dream important?

God was actually talking to him. That’s important.
27 class 

February 27, 2020
by bfox24

Global Exspereance

I really liked making and visiting stations because I like to build and I like to learn about countries.

The most challenging thing was making the spinning wheel  and figuring out how to set up the station.

Learning about countries is fun because there is sometimes new food and there are a lot of new facts.

February 26, 2020
by bfox24

after school activities

After School Activities 

By Ben Fox 


  Participating in afterschool activities is important because you can grow your brain by using social skills and having fun. One of my favorite things about after school activities is  football helps me learn social skills. When I got on the field for the first time, I did not know everyone. I just started to make conversation and that is how I made friends.   


You should do after school activities because it can help with your body strength. For example, lifting weights can   build up your upper body strength. Running can help your lower body get strong, like your legs. Running is fun and can clear your mind. 


After school activities can help you with social skills.  Social skills are tools that enable people to communicate with each other. It helps because you have to talk to your team.  You also have to listen to your coach. 


 After school activities are also fun because you’re not just sitting at home on the couch doing nothing, you’re actually having fun and playing games. Sometimes when you exercise you can lose weight and body fat but that is only if you exercise a lot.


Some people think that kids should learn after school by doing homework. But really, after school activities can teach you lots of skills. One of the skills is how to throw a baseball correctly. Another  one is how to learn moves in karate. You also learn social skills which help you talk to your friends. 


After school activities are important because they can help your body get stronger. It can help with your social skills and it helps you learn. This is why you should participate in after school activities. 


If you want to learn more on Google about after School Activities to watch these videos


Video of after school activities (watch the hole thing):   

 (1)        (2)







February 25, 2020
by bfox24

Visit to SRK and JRK

 I really liked what they talked about in all the stanchions.I really learned a lot about family,birds,books and more.The books that they wrote were really good and quit.

I think that that they all did a good job.

February 18, 2020
by bfox24

Torah and me

In Jewish studies  we are learning the part about Jacob and Esau’s.

I think Rebecca Is favoring Jacob because it was so interesting and brave when Jacob was polling on Esau’s leg.

Why does Isaac favor one son and Rebecca the other? Isaac loves es-av because he is an out door person and he bring’s his dads food.

 Have you ever experienced being the favored or less-favored child? Yes I have but it did not bother me.


February 10, 2020
by bfox24


Tubishvat is about planting trees and celebrating the birthday of the trees. Lot’s of people eat figs dates olives  raisins  and even more fruit.

February 6, 2020
by bfox24

swbst about hadys

Somebody: Hades

Wanted: Hades wanted to kill Hercules so he could take over Mont Olympus  and be the ruler  of the world      

But: But the two goblins did not give Hercules all the poison

So: So they tried to just kill Zeus But Hercules got there and freed his dad    

Then: Then the G-d’s of the world Won and we didn’t  see Hades again 

Hades Character traits: 

 – G-d of the under world 

– mean, because he tries to kill a baby 

-powerful, he is the god of the underworld

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