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May 11, 2020
by bbroidy24

My story

My Story


I woke up ready to kick my enemy Brainy Ben’s butt! First, I went to Cafe Protein to get my usual protein shake and breakfast sandwich. It tasted like heaven! Then I went to my gym called Titan Fitness and started my usual routine which started on the treadmill. Then I heard somebody screaming, “Help”! I dashed over to the Ellipticals where I heard the noise and there was Brainy Ben attaching a bomb to 5 hostages! I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I am doing what is right”. Brainy Ben thought doing bad was right. Brainy Ben was crazy! They were just ordinary people. I did my super leap to grab him but he pressed a button on his arm and rocket boots blasted him away to his base. I landed face first on the ground. It hurt a lot. I first tried to get the chains of the people but they would not budge! They must have forever stuck on them. Then I tried deactivating the bomb but that did not work either. I felt a lot of pressure on me. I know where his base is so if I go there and make him a deal that if he deactivates the bomb, he will not go to prison and will be good. He will also not do anything bad. I went over to his base which was Antarctica. I used my super swim power to get there. It was cold and icy when I found him. His base was underground and the entrance was a huge door! I asked him about the deal and he said yes. I think he was so quick to make the deal because he did not want to go to jail. So then we went back to Titan Fitness and there was 1 minute left on the timer! I told Brainy Ben to hurry up and with one second left, He stopped the bomb! Then we went to the police to sign the treaty saying that he would do no more evil stuff and in return he would not go to Prison. The Police did not like it because they have been trying to catch Brainy Ben for years. The Police agreed and the treaty was officially signed and we all lived happily ever after. The End. 


May 11, 2020
by bbroidy24

Story of Rafi’s bad guy point of view

The bad guys point of view:


I woke up ready like any other day. Ready to make money! First, I went to my computer and typed in good ways to make cash for villains. One of them listed was to steal animals.Others were to rob the bank or break into a house vault but that was too hard. I knew a person down the street who owns 5 dogs, 1 horse, 1 parrot and one hamster. So I got in my IAMBAD sports car and raced to her house. I knew she was eating lunch at the time so I carefully went through the garage and into her room. Quick as a mouse I grabbed all the animals without making a peep by stunning them. Then, I threw the animals out the window except the puppies and the guinea pig. Next, I carefully snuck down the stairs, into the garage and put the puppies in the car. Then I went to grab the horse and parrot. I then went back into the garage and left a note saying,how to sell pets for $$$.The note was for whoever picked it up and saying how to make cash. When I was racing off I forgot that I dropped one of the dog tags. I didn’t care one bit about that girl Rafi. On my way back to my buyer, the police caught up with me! They were chasing me. I took a sharp turn and landed in a ditch. The police then took me to the courthouse for trial and then I went to jail. And that was the end of my crime career. 


The lady got to live happy forever while I was stuck in jail forever. I think the judge was not being fair.The judgeI think was not fair because I stole stuff. I had a family in life that I abandoned but it was still a family. What if my house was destroyed? Who would take care of my cat? Seeing as I’m in jail forever, I might make some friends to help.” I have met Enrico who blew up a house”.” James the cannibal”. And finally Mack who stole money from the bank. They are all sort of nice. We mostly play cards all day. My favorite time is snack time when we get pudding. The beds are horrible but we can’t do anything about it. “And that was my downfall”. That was my end of my criminal career. The End.

April 6, 2020
by bbroidy24
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The Day Social Distancing Ended

The day social distancing ended


The day social distancing ended I was so happy! I slept in till 9 O’clock, and then went to the Original Pancake House with my friends family. My mouth was watering. I got the Dutch Baby which is a big fluffy, crispy pancake. Then for the next hour, we caught up on what we did during social distancing. The next thing we did was say goodbye and went home. I thought a good idea was to go on a bike ride so I asked my Mom if we could go on a bike ride on the bike trail. She luckily said yes.  We went so fast it was like we were in a rocketship. We went on a ten mile bike ride and then came home. I then thought, Oh, we should go play video games at Dave and Busters. Me, Liam and my Dad went. My favorite game was skeeball and I got a ton of tickets! We won a lot of prizes. We won so many prizes, we could not fit them all! After we went to Samurai for hibachi, I had hibachi chicken. It was so sweet. I love doing tricks on my scooter so we went home and grabbed our scooters and went to the skate park. I did a jump and wellie and even did no hands superman. It was awesome! I felt like I was flying. The next thing I knew we decided it was not meant for Liam so we went home to scooter in our court. It was sort of fun. Then we decided to play a family game so we played sorry and I crushed everybody. Then I had some screen time so I played minecraft and built an underground bunker. There was a water slide in it and it was awesome! Later that night we had dinner and dinner was barbecue chicken sliders. It was my favorite! After that we went to the movie theater and saw Artemis Fowl and it was amazing! Later that day we went home, got into bed and I read Harry Potter and the half blood prince. And that was the day social distancing ended.

March 3, 2020
by bbroidy24

Jacob’s Dream

Today, Gev. Honigman asked us to answer the fallowing questions:

1. What is Jacob’s Hebrew name?

Jacobs Hebrew name is יַעֲקֹ֖ב.

2. Why was Jacob leaving? (2 Reasons)

Jacob was leaving because he stole Esau’s birthright and he wanted to kill him and he was looking for a wife.

3. What happened in Jacob’s dream?

In Jacob’s dream Jacob saw a ladder to heaven and god said that his descendants will be like the dust on the earth.

4. Why is this dream important?

I think this dream it would make him feel important.


February 27, 2020
by bbroidy24

Global Experience

What was the best thing about global and leading up to it?

The best thing about global was making my tent and my sign. before I had to do that though I had to do a lot of research.

What was the most challenging part?

The most challenging part was doing all my research an gathering it.

Why is learning about another country important?

Because you should learn about other parts of the world and not just America that way you can understand how people live.

February 26, 2020
by bbroidy24

My Editorial

       <Stop Poaching Sharks>


By Baylen Broidy 


Did you know that 100 million sharks are killed per year? Did you know that people are taking sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the sea? Stop killing sharks. If not, get ready for a sharktastic ride.


Food Chain 

Sharks are a big part of the food chain. If  sharks are gone there will be more fish and fish eat plankton. Plankton gives oxygen and seeing as we are already cutting down trees, it does not help.


Stop Poaching Sharks

They are beautiful creatures kids love to go see. And they have been around forever! Also they are good for tourism. Sharks don’t try to hurt us so why are we hurting them? They think we are turtles when you are on surfboards. If they do try to attack us it’s not on purpose. 


How You Can HelpOne way you can help is to stop eating shark fin soup. This is what a shark fin trade dock looks like.

Another way is to stop killing sharks for sports and fun.


Well you may say shark cartilage is good for cancer but it’s not. Shark cartilage meds aren’t even officially tested. Plus, you can use other meds.


Fun Facts:

  1. We are killing an estimate of 100 million sharks per year.
  2.  Sharks have been the oceans apex for 400 million years!
  3.  There are an estimate of 300-600 great white sharks left.
  4.  Hong Kong is the main port for the shark fin trade.
  5. Growing demand for shark fins has caused a rapid decline in the shark population.


And finally, the best part. Shark puns:


  1. Were skating on fin ice.
  2. This relationship has really taken a dive lately.
  3. Our little gill grew up fast.
  4. Look at the great white cloud.
  5. Alwaves eat fish.
  6. Vanished in finnair.
  7. Stop. hammertime.
  8. I can’t stop listening to Sharkira. Especially her number one hit, ships don’t lie.  
  9.  Have you heard of Sharkspeare? He is fintastic! Especially his play. Fineos and Gilliet. 

Sharks eat a gillion per day.

February 25, 2020
by bbroidy24

What I saw in junior and senior kindergarten

What I see?

In junior I saw that they studied refugee’s.

In senior I saw that they were learning about there family’s and about there roots.

What did I learn?

I learned that refugee’s come on boats in junior and in senior I learned were everybody in the classes roots were.

What did I like:

I liked the seniors family tree and the juniors hearts with there buddies.

February 20, 2020
by bbroidy24

Torah And Me

 Gev. Honigman and the class watched a video about Jacob and Esau. My question was why did Isaac favor Esau and Rebecca favor Jacob? I think Rebecca favored Jacob because Jacob is calm and simple. Jacob was a indoor person. The reason Isaac favored Esau was because Esau was a outdoors person and loved to hunt for his father. Rebecca loved Jacob because he loved the indoors like herself and because he was smart. Isaac liked Esau just because he hunted food for him but Rebecca loved Jacob because who he was. In some cases I feel like my brother is the favorite and some times I feel like i’m the favorite. This should not happen but when you are not the favorite it does not feel good. then again, not everyone is the same.

February 14, 2020
by bbroidy24

A Wrinkle In Time

Today we went to go see the play a Wrinkle in Time. It was very good but they forget to add some scenes. They forgot to add the scene were they go to the beach and the scene where Meg fights Charles and the wips. They also added some of there own scenes like were a black monster came around to heal Meg.   I suggest that you should see it if you like long plays but do not take 2-5 year old’s because it is loud.The story is also very good.

February 10, 2020
by bbroidy24

what is Tubishvat

what is Tubishvat?

  1. Tubishvat is the birthday of the trees.
  2.  Tubishvat  means 15th of shvat.
  3.  Indian Jews have a special Tubishvat celebration called Malida.

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