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Wonder . Empathy . Tikkun Olam

April 24, 2020
by amagana25

Online Work

The online work is like what  we do in school but at home. It cam be hard at times because you can feel you need a break i will do that but i will come back to work. It is hard to not be at school because you can not see your friends in person you can not see your class pet if you have one. It is just very different.

February 27, 2020
by amagana25

Global Experience

The best  thing about global experience was making the kahoot.

The most changeling thing was making the kahoot.

It it important to learn about other countries because if you go there you will know how to interact with people in that country.

February 14, 2020
by amagana25

A Wrinkle In Time At First Stage

I thought the play a Wrinkle in Time was good. In a 1-10 scale, I think it was a 7. I recommend that if you like sudden things,  loud things, and adventures you should go to it. If you like soft sounding things  not sudden things and not so much adventures I recommend do not go to it. Some things that were the same are the actors like Meg and Charles and that in the movie and the play they both teleport. Some differences about the movie and the play are the looks of Meg and Charles. And that in the play they they  don’t talk about the fair in the movie.

February 3, 2020
by amagana25

Caste System

In my opinion the caste system is not fair for all of the levels in the caste system.1)Because people have friends in other levels in the caste system and they are not able to play with them. 2)It is not fair that the lowest caste have to live in shacks and the highest caste get to live in very modern homes. They also do not have a lot of water and education.The people in the lowest caste have to sit in the back and they might not be able to see and learn. Because of all of these reasons, I am very against the Caste System.


January 23, 2020
by amagana25


My one word goal is going well. I have been going to bed earlier and not doing i pad past 8:30. Earlier in the year was tired in school now I am not tired because i am going to bed earlier. And I feel good about my one word goal.

December 19, 2019
by amagana25

Sloth Bears

Judah and I are learning about animals and their habitats and I am focusing  on the sloth bears. Here are some questions and answers about sloth bears …How long do sloth bears live? What do sloth bears eat? Are  the sloth bears endangered animals.? If  sloth bears are captivated how many are captive?

December 3, 2019
by amagana25

Fast food Restaurant

In math we are making a fast food restaurant. On a grid we have put tables and some other stuff that would go in a fast food restaurant. I am exited that we are not doing pages in our math books.

November 20, 2019
by amagana25

Mega Fly

My super power is called mega  fly. You can fly up to the speed of light and I would use it for flying away when a disaster comes.

November 8, 2019
by amagana25

what I’m proud of in school

What  I am proud most in third grade is how fast i’m in multiplication and that i know the whole multiplication. Also we are beginning to build our floats. I read a lot and use my special book mark when I need to. I am always trying to keep a growth mind set so much.

September 19, 2019
by amagana25


I learned to work with new people with challenges.

I learned to be a good team mate.

When we had to put ourselves in are birthday order with out talking–that went well for all of us.

My favorite part was laser tag.

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