Guest blog post – Kehillah by Michelle Walny

At a time like this, I am amazed.
I am amazed that despite the short turn around time, MJDS teachers, administration and staff were able to make education accessible online to students. Last week I sat back and watched as my daughter continued to do school from the home classroom (aka dining room). Teachers called and texted her as I am sure they are doing for many students. One teacher even texted me to see how I was doing. Shabbat sing and Havdallah have gone online for all to participate in as well.
I am amazed at how the students of MJDS have found ways through technology to still connect as a class. Not only are they have class meetings with the teachers but they are also having their own meetings. The kids are connecting, laughing and sharing parts of their home lives with one another. Don’t worry teachers, they are also helping one another with class work. Additionally, kids from multiple grades are connecting using all sorts of online tools.
I am amazed at the acts of kindness I have seen MJDS families do for one another. Whether it be a kind word or a challah dropped at a door, these acts are so much more than words and dough. These acts are lifelines to our community.
Now more than ever before do I see and appreciate the MJDS community. Please keep being AMAZING and caring for all members of our community (from an appropriate social distance please).
I know that MJDS has a rally cry of “Moving from me to we.” I think we have evidence that this has happened. We are at the “we” point. We are MJDS!
Most importantly, THANK YOU for continuing to amaze me and for all you do for our students and one another!
Be well.

2 thoughts on “Guest blog post – Kehillah by Michelle Walny

  1. I agree. This adjustment has been challenging all around, but your teachers have supported the kids and us (parents), making adjustments constantly. Thank you!

  2. I am SO impressed by our students — their empathy and compassion for each other, their teachers, their parents and their communities.

    They’ve handled this so beautifully and are showing their maturity and responsibility with ease.

    I am so thankful for the parents who have been patient and kind as well.

    Stay healthy!


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