Reading during winter break

As you begin winter break, please take a moment to read this brief post.

The National Council of Teachers of English offers an accessible and research-based look at the importance of independent reading. Click HERE to read more. An excerpt is below and I encourage you and your children to find time over the next 16 days to read…graphic novels, the newspaper, magazines, comics, etc. Set your child up for success by carving out space and building a habit of independent reading. Do this WITH your child, as your behavior is what they will model.

Happy holidays and we can’t wait to see you in 2020!

Independent reading is a routine, protected instructional practice that occurs across all grade levels. Effective independent reading practices include time for students to read, access to books that represent a wide range of characters and experiences, and support within a reading community that includes teachers and students. Student choice in text is essential because it motivates, engages, and reaches a wide variety of readers. The goal of independent reading as an instructional practice is to build habitual readers with conscious reading identities.”

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