Rube Reflection

What about this project went well for you? what went well for me was being able to respond to other people in my group’s actions. And not getting mad at my group members.


What about this project went well for your group? What went well for our groups was being able to all be happy and not have someone be mad at each other and we were all friends. When we were getting wood I didn’t fight during it and everyone got what they thought they needed.


What would you change if you did the project again? I would like to make it with more simple machines and I would like to actually make the dreidel spin.


Haman wanted to kill the jews he picked a date to kill the jews but then Achachverouse was told that Esther is Jewish and Haman was going to kill the jews so then when Mordecai heard the guards talking about killing the king Mordecai told the king and he hanged Haman and the guards.

Lesson Plan

  1. what was challenging for me something that was challenging for me was trying to get on the leader board in
  2.  What was surprising was the amount of time we only got one day to do anything.
  3.  I learned that I need to make sure others know what I am talking about.

Reflection In Tefillah

From the beginning of the school year, the Tefillah choice I went to was musical Tefillah we talked about Keva and Kavana after we talked about that we went into the Amidah and found a prayer and studied it and memorized. The prayer I choose was those who do evil I put a tune to it and sang it to the tune of a song but with the Hebrew words.

Food Web!!!

  • What was your biggest takeaway from this food chain activity? The biggest takeaway would be it was much more fun than writing it on a piece of paper because I have to listen and interact to learn a topic not just write.
  • prHow did this activity help you understand direct/indirect interactions and/or predator/prey relationships? It helped because once the perch was eliminated there where direct interactions.  
  • What are some things you are wondering after completing this activity? What would happen to other animals if more died?
  • What happened after the yellow perch were eliminated from the food web? There were direct interactions after the perch died.


before the chicken


  • How do you think your work so far has prepared you for this project? By being able to zip through plans by using my charts.
  • What has been most helpful to you in this process? doing the charts before me mummified.
  • How can Gev? Noorlander helps you in the future work of this project?  Doing charts before.
  • How do you think working with a group will be helpful to you? more ideas to share.
  • What do you feel most comfortable with this project? Why? working with groups.