My School Day

  • How do you get to school?

Now that we are in quarantine I go to school by going to my computer and turning it on.

  • What is your timetable like? Do you have set subjects at certain times?

No, not really the teachers put up work, and I can do it anytime in the day.

  • Do you have one teacher or many?

I have many teachers.

  • What time do you begin and end school?

I wake up at 8:30 and I like to start school at 9:00

  • Do you get to choose what you learn?

No, I do not

  • What technology do you have at school?

We each have our own Chromebooks that we get to take home, but I just use my own computer at home because it’s a lot faster.

How leaders compare to Joshua

I think that Abraham Lincoln was a great leader, and this is because he led his country (or side of his country) out to war and they won, and most people (from the union) respected him.

My Grandfather thinks that king Soloman was a great leader because he was so intelligent.

I think that Joshua embodies both of these traits because he led the Jewish people through war and he was very smart.


My Personal Mishkan








This is my studio, to me, it is my personal Mishkan, to you it may look like a mess… And it is, but it has everything I need. It has a PC so I can speak with people just like Aaron spoke with god. It has a chair so I can be comfortable while speaking with my friends, just like Aaron had an entire room to speak with god. And I have a microphone so people can actually hear me, just like the Mishkan had an altar to sacrifice animals.